will ferrell tasked himself with explaining his controversial actions while at work to his children. On the same day that Ferrell was supposed to shoot a scene kissing Another Man, his children wanted to be on the set. The comedian/actor followed through with his planned scene and his children ended up seeing the scene.

Explaining the kissing scene

Ferrell kisses John Lithgow on Daddy’s Home 2. He explains the characters as being “emotionally available” for each other. The following is included in the trailer and shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Lithgow descends into the scene on an escalator where he is quickly greeted by Ferrell with a kiss. The odd humor of the scene is the son's choice of greeting to his father. Ferrell explained on the show that it was his suggestion that the two kiss each time they met on the set. Ferrell visited ABC news where he explained how the conversation went. Robin Roberts, co-host of the show, began the line of questions about the movie.

The first comment Robin Roberts made about the movie was, "you should take your children to go see it," but should you? The comedian explained that his kids had no idea their father would be kissing another man. He went on to say that they reacted by expressing both amusement and embarrassment.

Ferrell also told his kids that he’s “paid handsomely” for behaving like this.

Not Ferrell's first rodeo

This isn’t Will Ferrell’s first time kissing a man during his comic antics.

In 2011, Ferrell met faces with comedian John C. Reilly during a Laker's game. It seems the two were having a jolly time.

Jane Ward, Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of California feels that this behavior is a display of gender fluidity. She sees this as a step forward and believes that "sexual orientation doesn't always line up neatly with our sexual activity".

Perhaps you’ve noticed by now that there is a trend in Hollywood where straight men kissing is perceived as funny. It is not exclusive to Hollywood. This kind of behavior dates back to Shakespearean times. Is this for shock value, social conditioning, or is it simply funny? It’s clear that the kiss, in this case, is being used to promote the film.

As the saying goes in entertainment, all ‘publicity is good publicity’. Will Ferrell has been married to a female for 17 years, Viveca Paulin. She is an actress and artist, so these controversial acting scenes have probably been discussed between the two. People who are married and both work in the same industry tend to understand each other's unorthodox work scenarios. Ferrell jokes that he blindfolded Paulin and put her in the trunk of a car to propose to her, but I digress.