Kevin Spacey has recently come under fire for sexual harassment and sexual assault. Accusations were made by actor Anthony Rapp against Kevin Spacey. Rapp said during his Buzzfeed interview that he was picked up and carried to Spacey’s bed. Rapp continued saying that Spacey climbed on top of him at his party. At the time, Rapp was only 14 years old and Spacey was 26.

Spacey tweeted about the incident saying that he was apologetic and he must have been intoxicated when the incident occurred more than 30 years ago. Spacey has taken this as an opportunity to share with the public that he is homosexual and has had many of these encounters over the years.

Spacey stated that he will now live as a gay man.

Two days after Rapp’s interview with Buzzfeed, season six of the American thriller series was placed on suspension. Spacey’s publicist Staci Wolfe dropped him as a client and CAA did as well.

Kevin Spacey no longer welcome at Netflix

Kevin Spacey will no longer be seen on screen as the character Frank Underwood, President of the United States. Until this point, he has been nominated for an Emmy award for each season of the show. Netflix released a statement that they will not be involved in a "house of cards" production that includes Kevin Spacey. The show has not been officially canceled, but Netflix is severing all ties with the actor.

Kevin Spacey's movie "Gore" is a lesser known project that has also been affected by recent news. The biopic on Gore Vidal has been canceled and will not be airing. In addition to acting, Spacey was also going to be the producer of the show. Gore has just finished shooting in Italy and was just about to enter post-production when the cancellation occurred.

The future of 'House of Cards'

The producers of "House of Cards," Media Rights Capital, will continue their partnership with Netflix. Prior to these allegations, Spacey was going to star in the sixth season of "House of Cards." These producers are carefully reviewing Spacey’s contract to see if there is any legal obligation to keep Spacey in the remaining episodes.

The effects of the allegations have spread far and wide. If the sixth season of the show does not continue, at least 300 employees will be out of work. Claire Underwood, the first lady of "House of Cards," is played by Robin Wright. Actress Jessica Chastain has been vocal, suggesting that Robin Wright lead the show, post-Kevin Spacey. She recently tweeted that her character should become the leading character.

At least eight "House of Cards" employees have accused Spacey of sexual harassment, as well as sexual assault. Scotland Yard is investigating Kevin Spacey regarding accusations that he sexually assaulted a man in London.