"The Shannara Chronicles" originates on MTV before moving over to Spike for season 2. The series is based on the "Shannara" books by Terry Brooks, with season 1 adapting "The Elfstones of Shannara." Set in the fictional Four Lands, the first season follows the quest of Wil Ohmsford, Elven Princess Amberle, and Rover Eretria to protect an ancient tree and prevent the rise of a demon army. The season ends with a great loss as Amberle sacrifices herself to save the Four Lands. Season 2 picks up a year later, finding Wil and Eretria reunited to stop Bandon from resurrecting a Warlock.

The series stars Austin Butler as Wil, Ivana Baquero as Eretria, Manu Bennett as Allanon, Aaron Jakubenko as King Ander, Marcus Vanco as Bandon, and new additions Malese Jow as Mareth, Vanessa Morgan as Lyria, and Gentry White as Garet Jax.

Spoilers for the next episodes

The promo for the upcoming back to back episodes finds Wil meeting a young man with the shocking revelation that his name is Shea Ohmsford: his father. Last week's episode "Dweller," finds Wil, Mareth, and Allanon searching for the grave of Shea in order to retrieve the Sword of Shannara. The journey also reveals a memory of Shea beating Wil after he was caught playing with the Sword. It's unclear of why a younger Shea is greeting Wil, but will no doubt play a larger role in Wil's current quest.

The sneak peeks for season 2 episode 5 reveals Eretria brought forth to Queen Tamlin (Caroline Chikezie) who shares that her daughter Lyria has bargained to marry Ander in exchange for Eretria's safety. This leads to Cogline confronting the queen about her past dealings with the Warlock that Bandon plans to bring back, which was hinted at last week.

The queen admits that she exchanged her husband's life for the safety of her people, but there's a catch, she also promised to help the Warlock drink from Heaven's Well, which is the source of magic for the Four Lands.

Back to back episodes to come

Episode five "Paranor" will find Wil and Mareth confronting Bandon, while episode six "Crimson" will find the pair racing against time in order to retrieve an item from uncharted territory.

It is theorized their race against time will involve the young Shea Ohmsford. The episodes air November 8, while episodes seven and eight will air November 15 with the remaining two episodes of the season will air November 22. It's unclear at this time if "Shannara" will be renewed for season 3.