In the eighth episode of Outlander’s Season Three, entitled “The First Wife,” Claire finally learns of Jamie’s marriage to Laoghaire. We also got to see Ian and Jenny again, as well as their multitude of children and grandchildren. So many things have changed over the 20 years that Claire has been gone and the struggles one would expect to arise when a couple reunites after such a period are finally brought to the surface. As if a two-decade absence isn't enough to deal with, the episode's cliffhanger ending is terrifying!

Claire returns to Lallybroch

As Claire, Jamie, and young Ian return to their beloved Lallybroch, they’re not the only ones remembering all the happy times and loving relationships enjoyed there. Beautiful, feisty, sharp-tongued Jenny obviously doesn’t believe a word of the couple’s explanation for Claire’s absence, and who can blame her. Why don’t Claire and Jamie just give in and tell Jenny the truth? After being given that strange advice to plant potatoes, Jenny is no doubt already suspicious of Claire and her stories, but this would only open her mind to believe that Claire truly is from the future. It would make the explanation that much more plausible.

Jamie's second wife is HER?

Then there’s Laoghaire.

Just when we thought we were rid of her selfishness and scheming, she comes running back into the scene screaming obscenities at Claire. Faithful Outlander novel readers will have seen this coming. How she has the gall to call Claire the homewrecker is beyond me! Laoghaire’s wild-eyed, unhinged behavior in this episode doesn’t make her the least bit sympathetic to viewers; if anything, we hate her even more.

Perhaps the best part of this episode is seeing and hearing Claire’s pain and uncertainty. Although it's hard for her to understand how Jamie could marry again without loving his new wife, she comes to understand that it did happen.

Naturally, whether or not he loved his second wife, this fact that he had one is enough to stir up Claire's feelings of doubt and betrayal. Jamie and Claire may be the world’s favorite time-travelling couple, but even the most perfect relationship would experience some serious strain after a 20-year separation. Realizing that they can’t just pick up where they left off is probably the most relatable feeling that Claire and Jamie have displayed yet.

What will happen to young Ian?

If ever an Outlander episode ended with a cliff-hanger it’s this one! Just when we thought we were over the shock and disgust of dealing with Laoghaire’s appearance in the story, we experience more disbelief and terror as we watch young Ian attempt to find Jamie’s island treasure.

As Claire and Jamie watch their nephew be confronted and kidnapped by pirates, their mouths drop open in shock and their panic levels visibly rise – as do those of the viewers. Is it next week yet? Now may be the time to read some spoilers.