Duggar fans are blasting Derick Dillard on social media and accusing the husband of Duggar Family member Jill Duggar Dillard of not having a job. According to In Touch Weekly, this backlash has not gone unanswered by Dillard, and he has clapped back via social media at his insulters. It appears that many Duggar family news followers feel that Derick Dillard has leached onto the Duggar success train by marrying into the family and feel he needs to get himself a job to pull his weight, not just ride wife Jill Duggar's reality television success coattail.

Derick Dillard claims he is employed

Well, Derick Dillard was not about to let these remarks go unanswered and has engaged in a social media feud. Dillard was tagged in a Twitter post earlier this week where he was asked if he had a job yet? Dillard responded by posting, "Funny, I've worked full-time salaried job/school non-stop for the past 23 years... might want to check your sources."

Huge Duggar family paychecks revealed

However, according to In Touch's LinkedIn fact check stats, Derick is not employed, with the last details on his former employment being the missionary trip to Central America. Prior to that, he worked at Wal-Mart the celebrity site reveals.This is not the first time Jill Duggar's 28-year-old husband has been called out about not having what some feel is a real job/career.

It has also been suggested that Dillard has taken advantage of his family position to get fans of the Duggar family to donate to his El Salvador ministry.

Derick has become notorious for his social media battles, making his opinions known across the globe on sensitive subjects such as gender equality and the LGBT community. As previously reported, the Duggar family has been going through a few changes, many feel that money has a lot to do with some of them.

In a previous BN report, the Duggar's growing bank account was revealed as well as their substantial paychecks for the TLC family reality series.

The standard TLC paycheck for reality series reveals families get paid at least ten percent of a show's per episode budget. The breakdown reveals that TLC spends between $250,000 to $400,000 per episode producing each episode (about four days work for the family) for the Duggar family.

Take home pay adds up to between $25,000 to $40,000. It was not revealed just how Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar divide up the pay between family members, but at that dollar amount, it is certain none of the Duggar members are going without.