Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that trouble is brewing on "The Young and the Restless." Danger will be lurking in Genoa City for Ashley's mother and her daughter. Both Dina and Abby will find themselves in extreme circumstances and need rescuing. Nikki Newman l and her former mother in law will have an altercation and Ms. Mergeron will become so stressed she will stab her son's current lover, then go on the run. Meanwhile, Abby will confront Zack after Crystal ID's him as the leader of the prostitution ring. He will talk his way out of it, then drive off with Victor's daughter in the car with him.Ms.

Newman and her grandmother both could be in grave danger.

Dina has turned into a girl gone wild

Within a short span of time, Dina has wreaked havoc in Genoa City and turned herself into a girl gone wild. She accidentally started a fire that burned down The Underground, caused problems with clients at Jabot and insulted Nikki by bringing up her days as a stripper. On Thursday Ms. Mergeron stole sugar packets and silverware from a restaurant. Spoilers say her hatred of Mrs. Newman will reach a peak on Monday and Ashley's mom is going to stab her brother Jack's lover. Dina will probably pull one of the stolen knives out of her purse in a fit of anger.

Viewers have been watching Dina spiral out of control displaying odd behavior for some time.

Her family members are so preoccupied that they are missing what is taking place right in front of them. Jack and Ashley have been so consumed with getting the goods on Graham that they are missing key signs their mother needs help. Stabbing Nikki should raise a lot of red flags, and hopefully, Dina will be found and get the treatment she so desperately needs.

Zack puts Abby's life in grave danger

Abby is so enamored of Zack and her plans for them to move in together that she is ignoring all the signs that he is trouble. Spoilers indicate that Crystal will accuse Zack, publicly, of being the man who was using her as a prostitute, but he will convince Ms. Newman it's all a misunderstanding.

The two of them will end up in his vehicle and perhaps, as they are driving, the dots will begin to connect in Abby's mind. She may even try to get him to stop the car and let her out, but it will be too late.

Zack knows it's only a matter of time before everything falls apart for him. He may believe that he can take Abby far away from Genoa City and start their lives over. There could be a struggle and an accident where one of them is hurt or killed. With Dina teetering and tottering around town she could wander out in front of the vehicle and be hurt. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM for more of "The Young and the Restless."