Spoiler alerts from Soap Opera Spy indicate that Zack is about to get what's coming to him this week on "The Young and the Restless." While Abby is delighted that her beau has agreed to move in with her, she is totally clueless about the double life that he has been leading. The man who set up the dating app for Newman Enterprises was using it for human trafficking and also framed Scott for murder. Initially, Paul was skeptical of Scott and Sharon's story but now with Tessa's testimony, he is on board with the plan to remove Crystal from the witness protection program to bring down the head of the prostitution ring in genoa city.

Zack's days are numbered in Genoa City

Zack believed by shutting down his operation that he was in the clear, and Scott would go to jail for Natalya's murder.

He accepted Abby's offer to move in with her and thinks he is free and clear. He was not aware of how tenacious Scott and Sharon are and how far they will go to reveal the truth. Tessa's testimony of her past with Zack made a difference and now Paul has agreed to bring Crystal back to Genoa City to ID the man she worked for.

Abby is making plans for the future with her beau and her dreams will be shattered once the truth comes out. Spoilers say Crystal's return to Genoa City will seal the deal where Zack's fate is concerned. Once she points him out as the man who was pimping her out, then all the other dots will connect and Paul can issue an arrest warrant. Spoilers indicate that Zack will either be apprehended or die in the process.

Either way, his days are numbered.

Crystal is the key to bringing down the prostitution ring

Tessa's sister was placed in the witness protection program to keep her safe, but now her testimony is key to bringing down the leader of the prostitution ring. Nothing that Sharon, Scott, or Tessa says will have any validity without Crystal confirming that Zack was her boss.

While he is making plans to play house with Abby his entire world is about to come tumbling down around him. He tried to trap Scott but now he himself will be caught red-handed.

Viewers of "The Young and the Restless" were never keen on the prostitution storyline and all the new characters who were a part of it. Now that Crystal is coming back to town, this saga will be over, Scott's name can be cleared and everyone will be glad to see the last of Zack, except for Abby. Stay tuned to "Y&R" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS to find out what happens next.