Even though "The Walking Dead" Season 8 Episode 5 titled: "Big Scary U" wasn't as action-packed as the previous installments, that doesn't mean that it lacked excitement. So let's take a closer look at, what we believe, are four key moments from the episode that may, or may not, hint at some major future events.

Here's Negan

The encounter between Negan and Father Gabriel was without a doubt, the most anticipated scene of the episode. Especially after that theory about the priest being Negan's spy emerged after the Season 8 premiere.

As it turned out, the theory was shut down by this week's episode.

Instead, we got what was clearly just the first glimpse of Negan's backstory. He talked a little bit about his first wife, and how she died. But there is definitely a lot more to this story than just that. We won't spoil it for you, but let's just say, that knowing his whole story will definitely help you understand Negan better and what made him the man he is now.

Having said that, it would be a shame if they choose not to dedicate an entire episode to Negan's backstory. But in our opinion, this flashback episode is definitely coming in Season 9.

Eugene will begin his redemption arc

This week's episode left no doubt that Eugene knows about Dwight being Rick's spy in Saviors' camp given the fact that he saw the red paint stains on that bag.

But the real question is: will he tell Negan about it to save himself?

In our opinion, not only will he choose not to tell, but he will also help Dwight in order to redeem himself for betraying his original group.

Things are just starting to heat up between Rick and Daryl

There is also no doubt that the fight scene between Rick and Daryl caught us by surprise.

Even though Rick gave Daryl a few disapproving looks, in episode 3, when he killed Morales and then the Savior, who would have thought that they would fight each other so soon. But when you think about it, something like that was to be expected. After all, they are so different at this point. While Rick is starting to realize the importance of mercy, all Daryl wants is to mercilessly kill everyone who is connected to Negan in one way or the other.

So we wonder, what would happen if Rick decides to spare Negan's life at the end of the war? A civil war, maybe?

What's up with that helicopter?

In what was probably the most mysterious shot of the entire episode, we see a helicopter flying over Rick's head. Now there are several theories regarding this helicopter. It could be just a reference to Season 1. After all, we already saw a bunch of these callbacks to earlier seasons. But it might be something else. One theory states that this helicopter might belong to New World Order, a group that was recently introduced in the comics. Either way, this should be interesting.