It looks like fans will once again see Deathstroke in “Arrow” Season 6. as Manu Bennett, who plays the role of Slade Wilson, teased his character’s return on Instagram. The 47-year-old star was flaunting his character's signature eyepatch, indicating his return in the new installment.

To recall, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) enlisted the help of Deathstroke in the previous season finale in his fight against Prometheus (Michael Dorn). Oliver found him when he returned on the last installment’s penultimate episode while he was still in Supermax, and everything changed.

The return of an ally

Stephen Amell and executive producer Marc Guggenheim earlier teased Manu Bennett’s return in “Arrow” season 6. In fact, the “Spartacus” star already revealed that he will be appearing in the new chapter’s fifth episode titled “Deathstroke’s Return” before.

After being locked inside the Supermax for years, the effect of Mirakuru on Slade Wilson wears off. Deathstroke’s alter ego finally returned to his senses and he had allied with Oliver. In fact, he was more than willing to help the protagonist rescue his family and friends from Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra).

Slade and Oliver even joined Digger Harness (Nick E. Tarabay) together, but Captain Boomerang betrayed them. According to Comic Book, in spite of what happened, Deathstroke remained loyal to Green Arrow and went fighting with him.

However, it remains to be known if he will remain as his friend or returns to be his foe.

An old friend’s return

Aside from Deathstroke, Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) will also be seen in “Arrow” season 6.

In an interview with Comic Book, executive producers Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim revealed the list of villains coming to the television show.

Aside from the group of baddies led by Richard Dragon (Kirk Acevedo), Oliver will also have to face Laurel Lance’s Earth-2 alter ego. There are reports that Oliver will be greatly affected by their fight as she has been his real friend from the start.

Mericle revealed that Black Siren will be one of the television series’ biggest villain.

She even described her coming as the show’s antagonist is a great one as she depicts the characters’ emotional state. So, her return will play a significant role. “We're very excited to have Katie [Cassidy] back,” she revealed.

In the trailer, Black Siren is seen battling Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy). As the Black Canary is evidently trying her best to control her, Black Siren’s great strength can simply over power her.