On "General Hospital" Thanksgiving dinner at the Quartermaine mansion in very interesting. For at least the last decade, something always happens to the Thanksgiving turkey and the family must eat pizza. One year the oven did not work and the bird could not be cooked. On another occasion, the cook burned the turkey, and there was a year where the dog ate the holiday meal. Viewers tune in just to see what will happen and this year's celebration did not disappoint. Loyal fans were once again witness to a fiasco that required the Q clan to call their local pizzeria.

Only one Quartermaine in the mansion

Monica's flight out of town was canceled, which left her as the only Quartermaine in the mansion. Jake/Jason stopped by and they had a nice talk about their feelings for each other. He eventually left to meet Sam at her mother's house. Ned and Olivia went to eat with Dante and Lulu and were joined by Laura, Kevin, Maxie, and Nathan. Michael and Patient 6 went to Sonny and Carly's for Thanksgiving.

Unknown to the Quartermaine matriarch, her lonely mansion was about to become filled with people because the holiday curse is taking place elsewhere in town. Maxie, who is pregnant, is nauseated at the sight of Olivia's Thanksgiving spread. She reaches for a napkin and knocks over the table filled with food as she runs to the bathroom to throw up.

Simultaneously, Alexis trips as she is headed to her table, which sends her turkey flying across the floor.

Pizza at the Quartermaine mansion

As Monica is sitting alone in her family home, she is about to take a bite of her hamburger, when suddenly she is not by herself any longer. Ned, Olivia, Michael, Jordan, Curtis, Sam, Jake/Jason, Molly, T.J., Kevin, and Laura come through the door.

They each have a box of pizza and are singing "We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing." This is the song that patriarch Edward Quartermaine sang each year before he passed away.

Two untimely events cause the Quartermaine home to go from being empty to being filled with people -- and also with love. Ned, Michael, Jake, Jason, and his children are the next generation of this beloved family and they will no doubt take the tradition of Thanksgiving pizza into the future.

On Thursday "General Hospital" will repeat the episode where "Ask Man Landers" was outed by Spinelli. On Friday the show will be preempted by a sports event. You can look forward to a new "GH" episode on Monday.