"Teen Mom OG" star Catelynn Lowell shocked fans when she announced she would be going to rehab after she spent an entire day contemplating all of the ways that she could kill herself. Catelynn shockingly revealed that she spent a day thinking of ways to end her life, and revealed that she considered running her car into an electric pole, or even putting a belt around her neck and hanging herself. After the thoughts wouldn't subside, Cate knew that she had to seek professional help.

Cate was in a bad state of mind before rehab

Now, new details about Catelynn Lowell's suicidal breakdown are being revealed.

A source close to the "Teen Mom OG" star and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, revealed to Radar Online that Tyler had said that Catelynn had been exhibiting some signs of depression. The insider revealed that Lowell had been sleeping more than usual in the days leading up to her rehab stint and that she had been in a "bad" frame of mind in the hours leading up to her breakdown.

Tyler was scared for his wife

Thankfully, the "Teen Mom OG" star did everything the right way after experiencing the suicidal thoughts. Catelynn Lowell reportedly went to her trusted therapist to reveal her thoughts and her therapist advised her to seek help in rehab as soon as possible. This led to Catelynn packing her bags and saying goodbye to her husband, Tyler Baltierra, and their daughter, Nova, in order to take the time she needed to get mentally healthy.

Tyler is said to have been very "scared" by the entire ordeal and was proud of his wife for taking the steps that she needed to get better. As many fans know, Tyler is no stranger to suicidal thoughts. Baltierra has confessed that he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself as a young teenager, but that the rope broke and his life was saved.

Co-stars said Cate was doing well before breakdown

Sadly, it seems that Catelynn Lowell's breakdown came out of nowhere. The "Teen Mom OG" insider claims that before the breakdown, Lowell had no signs to show that anything was seriously wrong, which was one of the scariest things about the situation to her husband Tyler. Catelynn's co-star, Debra Danielson, who is the mother of Farrah Abraham, revealed that Lowell was in good spirits in the weeks leading up to her breakdown, and during a weekend of filming for MTV, she was having fun with her co-stars and looked great. Catelynn has always been very open about many aspects of her life, and her story could be a lifesaver for someone else in the same situation.