"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry has decided to change her son's name. The MTV reality mom has reportedly decided that she wants to change the last name of her youngest son, Lux, whose father is Kail's mysterious ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez. It looks like things have gone from bad to worse for Kailyn and Chris, and now little Lux may be stuck in the middle of the whole situation.

Name change for Baby Lo

According to the latest "Teen Mom 2" news from Radar Online, Kailyn Lowry has filed the paperwork to officially change her son Lux's last name from Lopez to Lowry.

Kail reportedly filed the paperwork earlier this month, and is said to be not letting Chris Lopez get away with being an absentee father. Lowry is asking the court to officially change little Lux's surname, but she has yet to get a ruling on the request.

Things have changed since Lux's birth

It seems that when Lux was born, Chris Lopez was around to help Kailyn Lowry out. The "Teen Mom 2" star even revealed that she was impressed with how "hands on" Chris was with his son, and that she was "shocked" by how good he was with the baby boy. However, something changed drastically for the new father. In October is was reported that Chris refused to officially acknowledge paternity of little Lux, which made it hard for Kailyn to file for child support.

Lopez was allegedly given a form at the hospital when his son was born, but he didn't sign the paper. Lowry is said to have gotten her lawyer involved, and drew up papers for Chris to sign. However, it doesn't seem as though he's signed them as of now. Currently, Chris is not seeing his baby boy due to the fact that he doesn't have rights to his son without signing the documents.

More name drama for Lux

Meanwhile, other rumors are going around about why Chris Lopez is being kept from his son. The rumors suggest that Chris had gotten physically violent with Kailyn Lowry on more than one occasion. The "Teen Mom 2" speculation claimed that Chris had even gotten violent with Kailyn while she was holding baby Lux, and that he caused damage to her home during an outburst.

All the while, Lux's name change would just be the latest drama in the little baby's life. It previously took Kailyn months to officially name her son, and the child went by "Baby Lo" for many weeks following his birth. Now, it looks like the name drama has started all over again for the infant.

What's next for Kail and Chris?

During the recent "Teen Mom 2" reunion, Kailyn Lowry revealed that Chris Lopez had cheated on her many times during their short-lived relationship, and that he hadn't seen his son in over a month. Kail hasn't been speaking out much about her relationship with Chris, or his interaction with little Lux. However, the drama will likely be a main theme during the new season of the MTV reality series.