The Bold and the Beautiful” has seen lots of surprising returns this year. First, there was the return of Kimberlin Brown as evil villain Shelia Carter. Next came the announcement that General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher would be taking over the role as Thorne Forrester.

Now, the most recent news to come from the soap is that they’re recasting the role of Hope Logan. It’s been two years since the character last appeared on screen, but with the drama heating up on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” it was time to bring her back. This time Annika Noelle will be taking over the role, which was previously played by fan favorite Kim Matula.

Hope's history

Many fans know that Hope Logan is the daughter of Brooke Forrester. From the moment Hope was born, her life has been filled with drama and scandal. Hope’s father is Deacon Sharpe, who at one time was Brooke’s son-in-law.

When Hope reached her teen years, she became a central character on the show. Often she found herself at odds with her mother due to Brooke’s unsavory past with men. Things took a turn for the worst when Hope learned about Brooke and Deacon’s affair. She was upset over the secret of her paternity but eventually came around to forgiving her parents and establishing a relationship with her father.

While her home life was a mess at times, Hope’s professional life flourished at Forrester Creations.

As a model, she created the fashion line Hope for the Future, which was a hit for the company. Hope’s role as a public figure often had her in the limelight, and she used her fame to set a positive example for young girls.

One of Hope’s biggest storylines on The Bold and the Beautiful was her relationship with Liam Spencer.

The two were constantly engaged in a love triangle with Hope’s stepsister Steffy Forrester. Hope considered Liam her true love and fought with Steffy over the affections of Mr. Spencer. Often Hope found herself coming out as the woman on top, yet trouble would ensue, and Liam would go back to Steffy.

When Hope realized she was tired of Liam’s waffling, she began a relationship with his brother Wyatt Spencer.

Despite Liam’s objections, Hope married Wyatt, even though her heart truly belonged to Liam. Yet, things soon turned rocky in Hope and Wyatt’s marriage due to Quinn’s interference in their relationship.

Despite the troubles they had, Hope was committed to her marriage to Wyatt. Shortly, after their wedding, she discovered she was pregnant. However, the joyous time for the couple was cut short when Hope suffered a miscarriage. After the tragedy, Hope divorced Wyatt and moved to Italy because she needed time for herself.

What's in store for the character?

A lot of stuff has happened since Hope’s departure. For one thing, Liam and Steffy are now married, although they’re having problems in their relationship.

As for Wyatt, he’s involved with Hope’s aunt, Katie Logan.

Will Hope end up with Liam or Wyatt? Or will she find love with another man? What does Hope’s return mean for these two couples? Plus, how will her arrival affect Sally, who has a crush on Liam? These are questions that will be answered when the character arrives back in Los Angeles.