Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard has once again come under fire, and this time it is from feminists. Dillard has angered these feminists by questioning their motives, and he also wants them to apparently fix their agenda and know what motives are more important than others. This is not the first time that this Duggar family member has got some hate from the internet. I mean who could forget his Twitter attacks towards fellow TLC reality television star Jazz Jennings? There was also the other time when he tried to allegedly scam the victims of Hurricane Harvey out of fundraising money because he set a fundraiser up for himself right after the hurricane hit Houston.

None the less, you can read below to find out why these feminists are angry at Derick Dillard.

Why is this group of people angry with Derick Dillard?

The main reason to why these people are angry with Jill Duggar’s husband is because of something that he retweeted online. You see, the Duggar family member retweeted the following statement on his Twitter “Instead of fighting ferociously for the rights to kill unborn babies, why don’t the feminists fight for real Women’s Rights in order to end abominable practices like this…” Below is the actual tweet that is from the pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha.

Well, let’s just say that the feminists and pro-choice movement were not happy with Derick Dillard’s stance on the whole topic of feminism and abortion.

For example, one Duggar commenter wrote, “Why don’t you shut the hell up and stop speaking on s--t you know nothing about?” While another Duggar commenter replied to the retweet by saying “First you were anti-trans. Now you’re anti-women.”

Other controversies surrounding Derick Dillard

If you are a fan of the Duggar family, then you would obviously know that this is not the first time that Derick Dillard has been the center of controversy.

One of the most recent controversies surrounding this Duggar family member would be how after recently being fired from ‘Counting On’ he can now be seen begging for money online. He is looking ten thousand dollars to complete his missionary education so he can be qualified to do missionary work. Dillard not being qualified to do missionary work is apparently the main reason why he and Jinger Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo do not get along.

Dillard tried to do missionary work in Central America while being unqualified and doing it without a church. This caused Vuolo to say that he thinks missionary work without a church is dangerous to everyone involved and it does more harm than good.