"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers tease an intense conflict between Katie and Quinn. Katie will be fired from her job at Forrester Creations. She needs to find herself a new job, while also plotting to get back at Quinn.

Apparently, her dream of becoming a jewelry designer will be shattered. Spoilers reveal that Katie won’t expect it to happen and this will leave her very surprised. After being fired, Katie will think of ways to get back to her old job. The more she thinks about it, the more dangerous she becomes.

Katie's new jewelry designs

New spoilers reveal that Katie will be left in shock this week and it is all because of Eric.

Fans already knew that she was in love with this man despite being married to Quinn. Because of this, Katie is now working on making her own name. She will try to blackmail Quinn.

Meanwhile, Quinn will allow Katie to submit her designs to Eric. However, he will always have the final say. Eric will be happy knowing that Katie has a new design for their line of jewelry. However, everything turns out different when Eric finally sees the design. He is not happy with it. He will tell Katie that it will not work for his company and he won't allow her to drag his company's reputation down.

After telling her no, Katie will be left heartbroken. It will be hard for her to accept that the man she loves is never impressed with her work.

That's simply painful. She will start to heat up and will grab a gun from Charlie. Katie is already at the point where she cannot take it anymore. She tries to do well with her job but she feels like it isn't fair. Thus, she will pull a gun on Quinn and recent promo reveal shows that someone is really firing.

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Heather Tom to leave the show?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers also hint that Heather Tom might leave the show. Some speculations suggest that the showrunners are now giving her an action-packed exit. However, Heather and CBS have not made any confirmation yet or denied the rumors about her departure.

Over the years, fans have hated her character as Quinn but eventually, she garnered quite a large fan base.

Meanwhile, if Katie really shoots the gun at Quinn, then it is very probable that this is already part of Quinn's exit. On the other hand, if the rumors are not true, Katie might be sent to the mental hospital in order to calm her down so that she'll come home a different woman. Stay tuned as this episode airs this week as there are many questions that will be answered.