It looks like a lot is happening this week on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Aside from the intense turn of events, Brooke is going to refuse Ridge’s offer and will end up marrying Bill instead.

The tangled web of Brooke, Ridge, and Bill

Brooke is going to disgrace Ridge in the most humiliating way in front of a lot of people. After she told him that she will try her best to think of what she really wants to do with her life, she decided to marry Bill and that will leave him in shock. Although confused, Brooke has to make a decision. She might have everything the world has to offer, but did she make the right choice?

Evidently, things are off between Ridge and Brooke, especially now that she wants to marry Bill. She will convince herself that he hasn’t hurt her and will do anything to make her happy. She would also like to think that Ridge just wants to be with her, but that she doesn't really want to be with him.

Brooke is so used to that scenario that it makes her want to stop living that kind of life, as she feels like she’s already done with Ridge, and is looking forward to building a new future with Bill. This will make Ridge feel a little crazy, as he badly wants to be with her, and he is not happy with what's happening.

Weekly episode spoilers

Meanwhile, the start of “The Bold and the Beautiful” this week saw Thomas getting what he really deserves, while Brooke’s life turned in unexpected ways.

On Tuesday, fans are going to see Thomas getting ready to face his father, as well as stand by the decision he made, even though it's difficult to do.

Also, Ridge will feel the pressure of things happening around him, thus, his anger will soon explode. This will set him back and put him on the defense. To recall, this is not the first time that Thomas sided against him over a woman.

On Wednesday, Thomas has to decide if he is going to choose to stand with his family or with Sally. This time, Ridge will be strict and won’t allow anyone to put Forrester Creations at risk. If Thomas chooses Sally, he will, in effect, be turning his back on his family.

On Thursday, Brooke will see the true attitude of Bill, as he rants and gets angry over losing the building deal.

He is going to make Spectra pay and promises to bring his longtime rival down. Lastly, on Friday, Brooke will finally realize the mistake she made in choosing Bill over Ridge, as his anger and rage will prove to be too much for her.