The Bella Twins continue to prove why they’re two of the hardest working WWE Superstars. Nikki and Brie have already etched out legendary wrestling careers. But it’s their success outside of the ring that has garnered the most attention. The sisters are not only starring in two hit reality shows but now they’re entering the entrepreneurial world. On Wednesday, they launched their latest business venture Birdbee, a women’s Clothing Line.

The Bellas rise to fame

Nikki and Brie’s road to fame started in 2007 when they were signed by WWE. That summer the girls went to train at the developmental center Florida Championship Wrestling.

A year later, Brie made her debut on the main roster Smackdown as a singles star. Yet, Nikki would often help her sister score a victory by hiding under the ring, then taking Brie’s place in the match. The gimmick would last a few months before it was revealed that the women were twins.

During the early years of their WWE career, the twins would serve as valets to wrestlers such as The Colons and Daniel Bryan. They also developed feuds with Gail Kim, Eve Torres, and Beth Phoenix. The twins would reach a huge milestone in April 2011, when Brie won the Divas championship. However, Brie would only hold the title for two months before losing to Kelly Kelly. A year later, Nikki would have her chance as Divas champion when she beat Beth Phoenix for the title.

But just like Brie, Nikki’s reign wouldn’t last long. A week later she lost the championship during a match at the PPV Extreme Rules.

Following the championship loss, the Bella Twins left WWE to explore other ventures. After a brief hiatus, the twins returned to the company in the spring of 2013. That’s when their popularity started to grow.

Aside from wrestling, they were now starring in the reality show Total Divas alongside other female wrestlers such as Natalya, Naomi, and Eva Marie.

Total Divas showcased the women’s lives in and outside the ring. Fans got to see Brie’s relationship with Daniel Bryan along with Nikki’s new romance with John Cena. The twins quickly became breakout stars on the show and their fame helped bring in legions of new fans.

On the wrestling side, things were looking up for the Bellas. Nikki won the championship again and went on to become the longest reigning Divas champions. As for Brie, she was involved in a big feud with Stephanie McMahon. However, despite their success, the Bellas were also the face of criticism with many saying they’d only received their success due to their relationships with two of WWE’s popular wrestlers.

Birdiebee creation

Despite the criticism, the Bella Twins continue to be popular with wrestling fans. Aside from their accomplishments inside the ring, they’ve found success with their other ventures. Their latest creation Birdiebee is perhaps the women’s greatest creation.

The clothing line, which had been in the making for nearly three years, is the Bella’s greatest creation.

The goal of Birdiebee is to provide clothing to promote women’s empowerment. Their collection ranges from activewear to intimate apparel. A portion from every Birdiebee sale will be donated to Dress for Success, a charity that’s important to the Bella Twins.