Nikki Bella and John Cena have been the WWE 'it' couple for some time now. They have been dating for over four years, since November 2012, after his relationship with Mickie James. When it was announced that the couple would be teaming up together during Wrestlemania, people quickly speculated that it would be the perfect scene for a proposal; the couple came through on that.

The major moment

Before any sort of proposal came about, Bella and Cena had to take care of business in the ring Sunday night, going up against The Miz and Maryse. They defeated them in somewhat casual fashion in Wrestlemania 33 before it was time for the moment fans of the enterprise had been waiting on for seemingly forever.

Cena talked about how proud he was of Bella for having the Wrestlemania moment she deserved. Then, he seized the moment for himself, dropping down to one knee and asking his girlfriend to marry him, stating that he had been waiting for that moment for a long time. Even before the proposal happened, however, fans already anticipated the big moment after spotting Cena's mother ringside. Of course, Bella had no issue moving from girlfriend to fiancee status.

Blurring the lines of reality

The presence of Cena's mother at Wrestlemania injected a dose of reality into the forthcoming proceedings. After all, if a mother is present (though they rarely are at proposals), something serious is happening. That can't be said for every event that takes place in and around the ring in the WWE universe, as there is a blurred line between scripted television and genuine sporting events.

Cena certainly seemed genuinely happy to be bending down on the knee and asking for Bella's hand in marriage. But anything in the WWE universe could be scripted - even relationships that seem to carry outside of the ring. There's no bigger stage for the sport than Wrestlemania to pull off a stunt like this. No matter what, Sunday night will not be the last time that this relationship plays into a televised storyline for the organization.