Spoilers alerts from She Knows indicate there may be a truce, at least temporarily between three enemies on "The Young and the Restless." Jack and Cane along with others in Genoa City are going to see their "sibling" in a different light. Jill's son risking his own life to save the Ashby twins and Victoria's son will have an impact on the people around him. This will especially be true of his brother, stepbrother, for father in law and ex-wife.Jack has been seeking revenge on his youngest sibling since he found out about Phyllis and Billy. Cane feels that his stepbrother does not have to work hard for what he wants and has been spoiled by Jill.

The fire at Nick's club will shift their thinking.

Jack will try to save Billy

Previews for Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless show Jack telling the first responders that he has family in the burning building and they cannot stop him from going inside. On Tuesday John Abbott's firstborn told his younger brother that he wanted him out of his life. When he hears that Billy rushed into a burning building to save Reed, Charlie, and Mattie, Jack will realize his sibling is a man of selfless strength. He will forget about all the drama because he does not want to see Billy die. In spite of all the name-calling, the corporate espionage, and the affair with Phyllis, the firstborn Abbott really does love his little brother.

Putting his life on the line for the Ashby twins and Victoria's son is not something most people in Genoa City would expect John Abbott's youngest child to do. Cane and Billy are constantly at odds because Mr. Ashby believes Jill has spoiled her only son, and he believes Vicky gave her former spouse preferential treatment at Brash and Sassy.

Now, however, he must acknowledge that if it were not for his stepbrother, Charlie and Mattie may be dead. Cane will have to acknowledge that the sibling he is always rivaling with has saved the lives of his twins.

Victor Newman will see Billy Boy in a whole new light

Victor never believed Billy measured up to his father, and he does not believe he is worthy of his daughter.

When the Newman patriarch finds out that his ner do well former son in law saved his grandson Reed as well as the Ashby twins he will have to admit he may have been wrong about Billy Boy. Kudos to new head writer Mal Young who said he was making changes in Genoa City.

It looks like one of them is showcasing the strengths of Billy Abbott rather than portraying him as a loser and a victim. Having him come to the rescue of Charlie Reed and Mattie is a plus. This will definitely keep fans of "The Young and the Restless" on the edge of their seats awaiting what changes are coming next. Be sure not to miss an episode by tuning in each weekday afternoon at 12:30 PM on CBS. Things are heating up on "Y&R" and it's not just the fire.