Spoiler alerts from Soap Opera Spy indicate that this week there will be mayhem, scheming, and drama on "General Hospital." Jake Doe, Sonny, Patient 6 and Sam will be desperate for answers that prove which man is the real Jason Morgan. They will go to Franco who will only give them half-truths that will prolong the situation.

Port Charles will be filled with people who are self-serving and looking out for their own interests. Jordan will be right there in the mix, trying to make sure nothing slips by her, and everything is done by the book. Ms.

Ashford, however, will be in for the time of her life because those she is tailing are skilled at keeping secrets hidden in plain sight.

Jordan will be out of her league with Sonny, Patient 6, Sam, and Jake

believes that she can keep a tight reign on things by tagging along with Patient 6 and Jake Doe. She has no idea how deceptive these individuals can be. Each man has Jason Morgan's memories so both of them have that calculating behavior that keeps them one step ahead of the law. Throw in Sonny and Sam and there is no way Ms. Ashford will be able to keep up with all the twists and turns. There is also Franco who is afraid he will lose Liz if he divulges the entire truth, and for a time will allow many questions to go unanswered.

Sonny and Carly initially believed that Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan, but now spoilers indicate that Jake is going to insist he is Andrew the twin. Sam is standing by the man she is currently living with but even her faith will be shaken. It will take time and much digging into the past to uncover the truth, plus all of these Port Charles citizens need to be on the same page, but this will take a while.

Franco knows which man is Jason and who is Andrew

Last week Franco asked Andre which man is the real Jason Morgan, but "General Hospital" never had a scene where Dr. Maddox gave an answer. It also has not been made clear whether or not Dr. Klein knows the truth. This would indicate that most of the scheming and unanswered questions would be in the direction of these 3 men.

Obviously, Scott Baldwin's son knows the truth because spoilers say the former DA is going to beg his adult child to tell everyone which man is Jason and who is Andrew.

At some point, both Andre and Franco will have to answer for their deception and all of Port Charles will be dealing with the fallout once the twins identities are made known. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM to watch as the drama and scheming begin to unfold and question eventually get answered to everyone's satisfaction. Viewers are closer now than they had been after uncovering the truth about Jake Doe and Patient 6 which leads to Jason and Andrew.