Executive producer/head writer Mal Young promised that cliffhanger Friday would return to "The Young and the Restless" and he has indeed delivered. Several Genoa City residents lives were hanging in the balance at the end of Friday's episode (Nov. 10). Juliet was confirmed dead and her premature baby was in distress, while Abby put her life in danger by riding away with a Zack who is desperate to cover his trail. Scott is attempting to follow them which means that he too could be in danger and Dina is wandering through the night without anyone to guide her.

Each of these individuals lives are in peril and they could end up in trouble or even dead when Monday's episode (Nov. 13) is aired.

Cliffhanger Friday has viewers on the edge of their seats

Decades ago most every daytime drama utilized cliffhanger Friday on a regular basis. This was when the action on a soap opera was building all week and by the end of Friday's episode there were exciting situations that were left unresolved, and viewers had to wait until Monday for the conclusion. Mal Young promised he would bring this fascinating element back to "Y&R" and he has delivered to the fans what as promised. Dina, Zack, Nikki, Abby, Crystal, and Cane's baby are all in possible danger. Some of them are in positions where they might lose their lives.

Mal Young is definitely keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as Juliet died after her child was born by Caesarean, and the baby's life is now in peril, Dina stole silverware from a restaurant and during a conversation with Nikki while at Victori's gala, she pulled an item out of her purse and stabbed Mrs. Newman in the arm.

Now Nikki is in pain and bleeding while Ms. Mergeron has fled the building.

Genoa City residents hang in the balance

Mal Young had drama in practically every scene of "The Young and the Restless" on Friday. Dina has been displaying unstable behavior for some time and she also no longer has Graham to keep her in check. Now after stabbing Nikki, she is roaming the streets of Genoa City in the dark and is at risk of being mugged or being hit by a car.

Her granddaughter Abby fled the gala with Zack after hearing Crystal announce that he was head of a prostitution ring and had forced her into prostitution.

Crystal risked her life and came out of the witness protection program to help bring her former boss down. Zack is in a mode of self-preservation and Abby has no idea that he is on the run or that she is in peril. Her beau has been proclaiming his innocence but should Ms. Newman figure out that he is lying, there is no telling what this man will do to her. "Y&R's" new head writer has given viewers much to look forward to on Monday so stay tuned. Be sure to watch "The Young and the Restless" at 12:30 PM on CBS, to find out if Abby escapes, if Dina is found, if it was worth it for Crystal to risk her life, and whether or not Cane's baby survives.