While production continues for the “Shadowhuntersseason 3, fans continue to scour the web for details and possible spoilers. The cast has so far been generous and have provided some hints in previous interviews. Series creator Todd Slavkin has also been active on social media to answer fans’ questions about the installment, so we have plenty of details to share, which we have summed up below.

A new enemy

Our young heroes from the Shadow World face a far greater threat when the show returns on April 3, 2017, with ten episodes. They must defeat a Greater Demon named Lilith while they continue their search for the remaining Mortal Instruments.

“Arrow” star Anna Hopkins has bagged the role of Lilith. She made her debut in the season 2 finale and the trailer for season 3 gave fans a clear look at the actress in character. Lilith’s arrival means bad news for Jace. She controls him and orders him to do evil things now that he becomes vulnerable to demon influence following his resurrection.

Simon and the Seelie Queen

Eventually, Maia learns about Simon’s secret dealings with the Seelie Queen, according to Alisha Wainwright (Maia). This complicates their relationship, which starts in a good place when season 3 opens. What did Simon deal with the Seelie Queen anyway? It may have something to do with his being a Daylighter. She has been fascinated with the vampire ever since she learned this about him.

Alec vs.Clary

Clary and Alec find themselves at odds with each other again in the “Shadowhunters” season 3. Matthew Daddario (Alec) teased in an interview at the New York Comic Con that it has something to do with Jace’s resurrection. Apparently, Clary and Jace agree to keep this a secret and Alec struggles to understand what is really going on with his parabatai.

Meanwhile, Alec comforts Magnus after he loses his warlock title for helping the Seelie Queen in her plans against the Downworlders in season 2. Someone takes over as a warlock.


A fresh start

On a lighter note, Jace and Clary are finally free to express their feelings for one another. They try to get to know each other better by going on mundane dates.

A set video surfaced in September that shows the pair out on a walk. Could this be their first date as a couple?

Jordan Kyle

Isaiah Mustafa (Luke) teased about a secret mission during a chat with fans about the “Shadowhunters” season 3 on the show’s official Facebook page. He said that Simon, Maia, and Luke are on a hunt for something or someone. A fan speculated that they could be out looking for Jordan Kyle, Maia’s ex-boyfriend who is responsible for turning her into a werewolf. In the “Mortal Instruments” books, which the show is based on, Jordan also becomes Simon’s bodyguard.