Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that things will be heating up on "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Thanksgiving approaches. Steffy will find that she needs help from the one woman that she hates above all others. Sally is going to overhear a conversation that gives her the upper hand against her rival and the princess is going to have to come down off her high horse. Steffy will have no choice but to beg for a favor from her enemy and ask Ms. Spectra to keep the secret that she slept with her husband's father. The woman who just professed her love to Liam must then decide whether to tell him the truth or keep him in the dark.

Sally finds out the ugly truth

Steffy has been acting like a spoiled brat ever since Liam confessed that he kissed Sally when they were trapped under the rubble. She said she could never forgive him, and even went to her father in law and began crying on his shoulder. Dollar Bill, in turn, told his daughter in law how special she is and that his son did not deserve her. One thing led to another and the two of them ended up going to bed together.

Sally obviously is going to overhear the guilty parties discussing their adultery because no one else knows they did the deed. The princess will then be in a situation where the girl from the wrong side of the tracks has the goods on her. Steffy knows that Ms.

Spectra is in love with her husband and that if she tells Liam about the betrayal their marriage will be over. Spoilers indicate she will beg Sally to keep quiet but they do not indicate what Sally will decide to do.

Steffy will eventually have to face the music

Additional spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that somewhere around Thanksgiving that Liam will find out the truth.

There is no indication however of who it is that will tell him. Sally may decide that the man she loves deserves to know what his wife and father did behind his back, or perhaps a guilty Steffy may come clean with her husband before Ms. Spectra can get to him. One way or another Dollar Bill and his daughter in aw will both have to Face The Music for their behavior.

If all of this comes out before Thanksgiving, it will make for an interesting holiday meal. Everyone, including friends and foes, will get together on this day to break bread. There will be much tension with Bill, Liam, Sally, and Steffy at the same table. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM to find out how this situation unfolds.