Maia and Simon’s relationship is in a good place when the “ShadowhuntersSeason 3 opens. However, it starts to become complex after Maia learns about her boyfriend’s dealings with the Seelie Queen. In a recent interview at the New York Comic Convention, Alisha Wainwright,who plays Maia, talks about how the couple handles their relationship as the season progresses.

Season 2 recap

Nearing the end of season 2, viewers learned that the Seelie Queen fancied Simon. She found him interesting because he is a Daylighter. He wanted Simon to switch loyalties but he refused.

The queen made several attempts to sway him to her side, but they were futile. Then she thought of a great idea to get what she wanted. She decided to put Maia’s life at risk.

In the season 2 finale of the “Shadowhunters,” the Seelie Queen ordered to have Maia kidnapped and brought to her realm. She did not harm her, of course, since she knew that Simon would eventually come and rescue her, which he did along with Luke. Maia, Simon and Luke went back home to their world unscathed all thanks to the vampire, who apparently made a deal with the Seelie Queen for his girlfriend’s safe return. It is unknown what he offered in order to bargain with the queen in exchange for Maia, although chances are that she wanted to know how he became a Daylighter.

In the trailer for season 3, Simon mentioned something about leaving the Seelie Court after the queen got what she wanted.

Maia and Simon’s relationship

Maia is in a “happy place,” when season 3 opens, according to Alisha Wainwright. She and Simon are finally together and there is no one who can stop their feelings for one other.

Simon is over his best friend Clary and Maia and Jace are on friendly terms already. For Maia, everything is perfect. What could go wrong?

However, it will not be long before she finds out that Simon went behind her back. Maia soon learns that her boyfriend made some dealings with the Seelie Queen in secret. This puts a damper on their relationship since it questions how Simon fails to trust his girlfriend enough not to go behind her back.

“Not only what does that say for Simon, but what does that say for their relationship and trust?” Wainwright tells Fansided. Regardless, they eventually “work through problems and problem solve together as a team.” There may be some misunderstandings at first, but they eventually work it out together.

Emotional journey

Given her situation with Simon, Maia is definitely going to go through some emotional stuff in the “Shadowhunters” Season 3. Isaiah Mustafa, who plays Luke, hints that viewers might see Maia react to adversity emotionally this time, instead of reacting fiercely by turning on her werewolf side.