If you thought the original "Tangled" movie was good, you're going to love "Tangled: The Series". It explores the relationship between Rapunzel and Eugene, Rapunzel coming to terms with her identity as a princess, and her attempts to build a relationship with her long lost parents now that they're finally reunited. As of November 24th, the beloved original movie from Disney is seven years old, but now that the series is newly out, the fandom has been revived. They heavily condense on Tumblr, which has become a place where the fans thrive, even creating their own art of the characters they love.

Comparison to the movie

It is my opinion that the series holds up well to its predecessor. There is a strong element of witty humor that appeals to all ages. The writers kept the "ruffians and thugs" in the series, which are fan favorites. However, according to reviews, some fans don't appreciate the "new and improved" art style. I personally think it's a lot better than it could have been; have you seen the sequels to some of these Disney movies? But I digress. The series, given freedom by the fact that it's many episodes instead of one movie, really helps develop who Rapunzel and Eugene are as characters. Rapunzel is still true to her original character, though. She is kind, warm-hearted, and fundamentally, well, fun.

Eugene is loving and understanding, which is real character growth from where we first saw him in "Tangled".

Comparison to other Disney shows

What seems to hold the hearts of most of the fans is that the series is very wholesome. You see a lot of strong friendships and kisses on the forehead, which are a refreshing change from a lot of dramatic or purely comedy-based Disney Channel shows.

We usually are shown dysfunctional families where the parents are, frankly, rather stupid and incompetent, and where the children are nothing but sarcastic. It can be very damaging for that to be the only type of relationship a child sees on television while growing up. Often we get children who know nothing else other than to hate their parents because that's what gets ratings on popular shows.

With "Tangled: The Series", children are shown real, healthy relationships between significant others and between children and their parents. This show will teach children and teenagers how to sit down and have a healthy, open conversation with the people they love. It teaches maturity and kindness in a way that most other shows do not.