Watch out, this post contains spoilers.

It is an amazing actor that can make a person feel for their character. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Melissa Mcbride's performance as Carol from AMC's "The Walking Dead'' has made us laugh, cry, and everything in between. Her character growth is impeccable, her "real" moments touch your soul, and her tough scenes where she blows things up and saves everyone make us cheer her name. Naturally, part of the credit goes to the writers of the show, but it takes a good actor to bring those words to life in a meaningful, believable way.

Not only is she amazing in the show; when we get to see her on "Talking Dead" afterwards, she's absolutely kind, funny, and adorable, yet graceful.

Carol's character growth

It seems so long ago that we saw poor, abused, thin and pale little Carol being beaten on by her husband. Not long after that, we saw her tragically mourning the loss of her daughter. She's gone through Hell and high water to get to the killer she is now. She's had to save everyone's butts, she's had to adopt and then lose other people's children (some of which she killed herself), and basically harden her heart because she's always the one coming to the rescue and it makes one terribly weary to lose people you feel responsible for.

She's said she refuses to kill for anyone anymore, but when the going gets tough, Carol gets going. There's no end to the character's strength, which is intensely admirable considering where she started. And now she is there for Ezekiel, played by Khary Payton, because they are the only other people they can be real with anymore.

Even though she's been through so much pain and loss, she still has tender emotions and loves underneath the hardened exterior.

Melissa's added flair

Melissa McBride had made us truly believe every word out of Carol's mouth, except of course when she's lying to trick someone into doing her bidding or to pretend to be "normal." She speaks with so much conviction when she's playing a "real" scene, it's easy to forget she's a character on a TV show.

Also, her crying on cue is phenomenal. Perfectly timed every time, it's never just a single tear rolling down her cheek, she can really let loose. When Carol feels pain, the entire audience feels it too. It's no wonder there are people who watch the show just for her. Melissa McBride is an incredible actress, and I feel that she deserves an emmy for her beautiful performances, for this season and previous seasons.