2017 turned out to be a successful year for Kristen Bell. Bell, who played Anna in the Disney-famous movie Frozen — hosted the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on earlier this year. During the show, she pulled off an absolutely adorable task with high-school students. The actress apparently picked random members from the audience for a game along with the two other members that were selected before time and pulled off a Frozen-themed proposal.

According to a report published by Daily Mail, Kristen Bell selected two random members from the audience, both of whom were young women, and asked them to take part in a game.

The two, who turned out to be students, were joined by other members later. Turns out, Kristen Bell had planned a special Frozen-themed proposal for the audience.

'The Fast and The Frozenest'

As reported by Yahoo!, the audience members were a part of a game called “The Fast and The Frozenest,” wherein the members who took part were made to dress up in the costumes provided to them. When they came back after putting the dresses on, they turned out to be costumes for Queen Elsa and her younger sister, Princess Anna. The whole idea of the game was to encourage the girls to find Iceman Kristoff first and bring him to the show as soon as possible. Kristen Bell looked extremely happy during the whole game.

Metro later revealed that Kristen Bell had this planned for the students all along. The students who were selected as members of the game had a friend of theirs from school called Michael who had wanted to ask one of them out to the prom but in a Frozen-style themed proposal. He was hiding in the Kristoff costume so that Anna and he would end up being together towards the end.

The student took a while to look for Michael but eventually found him and extremely surprised to find out that it was him.

Kristen Bell in the ‘Veronica Mars’ film?

Bell hinted that the "Veronica Mars" movie might come out soon. According to US Magazine, It is not confirmed yet, but Bell noted that it would most likely be a miniseries so that it didn’t overlap with her full-time gig with the NBC comedy The Good Place.

"Veronica Mars" has been aired for three seasons. It was started in 2004 and continued till 2007 on UPN. Later, the show moved to CW. The TV series has featured Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring, Francis Capra and Enrico Colantoni. The cast was also in the movie version of the series in 2014 which has earned around $5.7 million in total.