The biggest idol boy groups this year have made the headlines as they reign as the most popular Korean pop acts on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. These top K-Pop groups have once again displayed their worldwide popularity.

Tumblr’s top K-Pop artists

Billboard reported that EXO, BTS, and GOT7 are the most popular artists from South Korea that the Tumblr users have been going gaga about. According to Billboard, they were able to pinpoint the results after collecting data through Tumblr posts that were tagged with the idol groups.

EXO and BTS have been battling it out on Twitter recently and it’s another huge achievement for them to be recognized as this year's most talked about K-Pop artists on Tumblr, which gets at least 90 million engagements with South Korean entertainment and music content every year.

However, the top individual posts related to K-Pop goes to BTS’ member Jimin for his so-called savage personality and GOT7’s member Bambam for his antics during his group’s concerts. Other K-Pop artists who trailed behind the three idol groups include Seventeen, NCT 127, TWICE, BIGBANG, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, and MAMAMOO.

Background on the top three idol groups

This Tumblr achievement is probably not a shocker for BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, and especially for their fans.

The idol group that came from a humble agency called Big Hit Entertainment catapulted to worldwide fame after winning the Top Social Artist Award at the recently held Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

The idol group nabbed the title from Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, who held on to the title for seven consecutive years.

Ever since their win at the Billboard Music Awards, the Big Hit Entertainment idol group has gained the attention of popular artists all over the world and they continue to gain recognition for their music and fashion statements.

EXO, on the other hand, was solely the most popular idol boy group in South Korea and many have tried to surpass them.

However, the group that hailed from SM Entertainment, which is considered to be one of the big three entertainment companies in South Korea, has amassed a huge fan base that continues to support them in all their activities, be it group or individual projects.

GOT7, who is the youngest idol group among the three, made their debut in 2014 under the supervision of JYP Entertainment, which is another one of the big three agencies in South Korea. The young idol group made a powerful debut and that made impact and helped them gain tons of supporters that kept them as one of the top boy idol groups in the country.