Ah, Christmas morning. The stockings are stuffed, there's presents under the brightly lit and beautifully decorated tree, and a ham baking in the oven. Your relatives are coming over for a big family feast, where you'll put on Christmas movies and marvel at the lights decorating the house.

Now, imagine you have none of this. Some families aren't as fortunate as yours. For the small business owner who's barely scraping by because everyone orders their Christmas presents from Amazon, it may be much harder to give their children a nice Christmas with more than one or two simple gifts.

On top of things, your city's economy is dying around you because money isn't being put back into the community.

Fear not, you can still give these families a good Christmas while buying unique, sometimes homemade gifts for your own loved ones.

Benefits for the community

When you shop local, small businesses use their money to benefit your community. They are able to keep up their stores, which adds personality, and they pay taxes which goes directly to your city. This benefits schools, roads, parks, and firefighters. Also, those stores often use the money you spend there to buy supplies from other small businesses, which stimulates growth.

Small businesses also create jobs, and you shopping there helps pay those people's salaries.

The more you spend at a local business, the better a Christmas each of those workers' families will have. They'll be able to buy food for dinner and presents for their children. Isn't giving what Christmas is all about? There's no better way to give than to keep a family in a warm home with food on the dinner table.

Benefits for you

If you want presents with personality, shopping small is the best way to go. It could be handmade jewelry and purses, unique t-shirts, antiques, handcrafted mugs, and other dishware, or homemade candles and soaps, among other things. The possibilities are endless when it comes to local businesses. Of course, you love your family members, so why not get them a present that's as unique as they are?

Small businesses also usually provide better customer service. They take the time and care to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, and if you have questions or complaints they are happy to listen and help you to the best of their ability. Also, you generally don't have to have the product shipped from God-knows-where. No more ordering the perfect gift only to find out that it'll deliver halfway through January.

Do everyone, including yourself, a favor and shop small this holiday season.