With all of the new Shows coming on the other streaming networks, it is hard to keep up with what to watch. Amazon has many shows that are worth watching and can keep you busy during your holiday breaks or even on those Friday nights when you want to curl up with your blanket and your pet or loved one. The following shows are some of the most popular and best on Amazon right now.

'I Love Dick'

Unsure of what this show is about based on the title? So were we! This is one of the newer shows on Amazon and it has gotten quite the acclaim recently. Based on a novel of the same name, this show is for those who like the new, different, and strange shows.

It stars Kevin Bacon and is set in a small town in Texas. This show focuses on a couple who is obsessed with Dick, who is a professor. You will have to watch this show to be sure that it is right up your alley.

'Alpha House'

John Goodman stars in this show about politics and working in D.C. This show takes a more humorous side to politics and for those who are looking for a new comedy, this show will be great for you. You have to have a little bit of interest in politics in order to get a lot of the humor in this show. Overall, the supporting cast and John Goodman make it all come together for a great comedy!

'Red Oaks'

This show takes place in the 80s in a country club in New Jersey and stars Jennifer Grey.

For fans of 80s movies such as "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," you will absolutely love this show! There is a lot of comedy in it, but also some very dramatic moments. With the various directors of each episode, this show really has a lot of potential to be one of the best on Amazon.

'Sneaky Pete'

Fans of Giovanni Ribisi will be very excited about his new show.

He plays a conman who somehow fakes a bank robbery. He spends about three years in prison and when he is released, he takes on another identity. He takes on the identity of the man who was his cellmate in prison, Pete. Pete goes through a lot when he gets out of prison and ultimately learns about family and what it is like to have one.

'Mozart in the Jungle'

This show is based on the memories of the writer and oboist, Blair Tindall. This show talks all about the cutthroat world of the classical music scene in New York. It dives into how hard it is to get a job as a classical musician and working with conductors in the city as well. This show can be a bit dramatic, but there is a lot of fun in it too.

All of these shows are some of the best that Amazon has to offer. Sit back and relax as you binge away.