Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber fans are torn over the news that the former Hollywood hot couple is reportedly beginning to pick up steam once again. Selena Gomez went running straight back into her the arms of her former lover (Justin Bieber) immediately following her breakup with The Weeknd -- according to several celebrity gossip sites.

Selena Gomez ready to settle down?

Gossip Cop reports that Selena and The Weeknd's breakup was instigated by The Weeknd. The celebrity site claims that they can also confirm that the split and Selena and Justin's sudden reunion have nothing to do with each other, it is purely coincidental.

Gomez and The Weeknd breakup rumors have been circulating for a few weeks, with fans noticing the couple spending less and less time together after a year of basically being inseparable.

Can a changed Justin Bieber be the man Selena needs?

As previously reported by Blasting News, rumors began making the rounds in early September that Gomez had been caught stepping out on The Weeknd with a photo of Gomez kissing an unknown man as alleged proof. What we know about the split at this time is that The Weeknd was feeling a bit too tied down, but whether or not that is the official cause is unknown at this time.

However, some fan speculation suggests that following Selena's kidney transplant the singer may have taken some time to reflect on her life priorities and that Justin Bieber just may have been one of the most important on the list.

Selena and Justin, in the past, made no secret of the fact that they were wildly in love with each other.

Unfortunately, their very young ages and inexperience caused more than the lion's share of relationship troubles for the former couple. Time, new people, and experiences have brought on a new mature outlook for both Justin and Selena, so a new attempt on their past love could be just what the doctor ordered for both.

Selena and Justin's fans are not super shocked to hear that the two have reconnected. In 2015, after becoming a couple, the pair suffered numerous splits and reunions, with many dubbing them the modern day Kurt and Courtney and claiming that they are destined to be together. Who knows? Maybe this time these two crazy kids will go the distance once and for all.

So many changes going on with this group lately. With Justin Bieber's new outlook on life and religion, it could be that he and Selena Gomez just might be ready to take their old/new relationship to the next level in the near future. What are your thoughts? Will Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber become the next celebrity "it" couple?