Selena Gomez has reportedly been caught cheating on her current boyfriend The Weeknd. This could be the end of Selena's romance with The Weeknd if Radar Online reports and photos prove to be true.

Selena Gomez interested in a new guy?

If Selena has stepped outside her relationship with another man, the big question is why? For several months now celebrity reports have stated that Selena and The Weeknd were the real deal. However, Radar Online claims that the photo they have obtained is Selena Gomez and if so it clearly shows the brunette locked in what appears to be a serious lip lock with an unknown male.

Selena gets serious fast

This is quite a shock to fans who have been following Selena, 25, and Abel Tesfaye, 27, (The Weeknd's real name) relationship status since the beginning of the year. Selena is believed to be a girl who falls in love fast and hard. Her previous relationship with pop idol Justin Bieber was pretty much proof of that. SG appeared to dive head first into her current relationship regardless of numerous fans believing that she was not at all over Justin and that the on the again-off-again couple would eventually get back together.

Those feelings seemed to change over the past few months when Selena and Abel were still together. Now fans are unsure just what to believe. Has Selena Gomez met another man that has captured her interest, or could she just be attempting to make The Weeknd jealous in hopes of pushing their relationship into a major commitment?

It is hard to say at this point, one thing that is known for sure is that if SG is stepping out on Abel behind his back she is obviously not making a point to hide it. It has to be stated that it has not officially been confirmed that the woman in RO's photo is 100 percent, Selena Gomez, but they sure have fans wondering hard today.

Gomez doesn't appear to be too bothered by the rumors. The singer and former Disney star was spotted earlier today with Anna Wintour front and center at the Coach show Spring/Summer 2018 during New York Fashion Week. SG has been busy hitting up the major events at this year's fashion week including one in particular, the Harper's Bazaar Icon's party where she was in full support of bf The Weeknd.

This just adds a little more mystery and drama to Miss Selena Gomez's personal life. We have a feeling that this rumor/news is going to take a while before fans get the real answers, but you know they and everyone else especially the media are going to be closely watching.

What do you think, is Selena cheating on The Weeknd?