A statement from Scott Stapp was brimming with joy, faith, and gratitude last Thursday evening, when he announced the birth of his third child, and second son, with wife, Jaclyn. The Creed and Art of Anarchy frontman gushed with delight in his words to People magazine, declaring that “We are so overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness,” and calling the experience “a divine moment for our entire family.” “We feel so blessed,” he closed with sincerity. Anthony Issa Stapp greeted the world at a very healthy 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and certainly already senses the love and protection surrounding him.

The blessing of surprise and a sacred name

Jaclyn and Scott were taken by surprise with the pregnancy, but mom and dad were nonetheless delighted with the “surprise news.” After making certain of the pregnancy herself, Jaclyn divulged the news to Scott during a very special dinner, and a gift-wrapped blueberry to top off dessert.

Through most of 2017, Scott Stapp was a top contender for the “hardest working man in show business,” to borrow James Brown’s undisputed title. The Creed and Art of Anarchy singer and lyricist collaborated on the highly-praised sophomore album, “The Madness” from AOA, and followed up with east coast tour dates. A solo tour came next in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Creed’s benchmark, “My Own Prison” album.

The tour bus rolled on as Scott Stapp headlined the “Make America Rock Again Tour. It’s no wonder that it was a challenge for Jaclyn Stapp to capture the moment of private alone time to break the news of the precious arrival.

When it came to revealing the baby’s gender, the Stapp family was thrilled to share the news in August, with exuberant fans in Austin, TX .

The blue colors spewing from the smoke jets on stage also brought delight to the couple’s older children, Milan Hayat, 10, and Daniel Issam, 7. Both were rooting for another boy. Scott’s oldest son, Jagger, is now 19.

Names are not a light matter for Scott and Jaclyn Stapp, either. The newest son takes his father’s birth name, and Issa is an Arabic translation of “Jesus” and also can mean “salvation and protection.” Milan’s name embodies meanings of "kind, loving, and gracious." Her middle name is in honor of her grandmother.

Daniel’s name derives from the courageous faith and strength of the man in biblical Scripture and also honors family. Jagger is not a name taken from any rocker or song, but rather denotes “one who carries a message from God.”

Dad Scott’s lyrics have inspired millions to embrace hope and faith through the struggles of life, and the names of his children evoke the same theme. That legacy, for Scott Stapp, is more precious than his catalog of anthemic hit songs.

Words from a mother’s heart

Jaclyn Stapp has been chronicling the journey of her pregnancy with Anthony in her blog for "People". She has honestly and playfully covered topics from prenatal yoga to baby-safe nutrition.

This time around with the news of a new pregnancy also came another first for the experienced mom—a first baby shower.

The royal blue event last month had a regal theme for the little prince, rich in hues of the color, and many crown images.

Jaclyn is a pro at balancing family, philanthropy and finding time for everyone while she supports Scott’s career, but baby and mom were ready for the new nursery to be occupied. Just days ago, her latest installment described being in “the home stretch” and “hopefully” heading for the hospital soon. Baby Anthony really showed he already has great ears, because it wasn’t any time before mom and dad were zipping to Williamson Medical Center near their new home in Franklin, TN, for his welcome to the world “With Arms Wide Open” from this loving, growing, and musical family. Anthony didn’t quite hit his mom’s “10-pounder” prediction, but he came really close.