Scott Stapp would never be presumptuous enough to assume James Brown's title as the “hardest working man in show business,” but the man with the unmistakable baritone has definitely earned respect as the hardest rocker on the road for the past several months. This week, the man who is the voice of Creed and supergroup Art of Anarchy is wrapping up his run as the headliner for the Make America Rock Again Tour, and tonight will tantalize fans at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ.

Any Scott Stapp setlist a repertoire that represents the triumph of hope and faith over despair.

More than just reveling in memories set to the mega-hits of the 90s to the millennium, audiences leave invigorated and empowered to face whatever trials persist in their own lives, because the artist who co-created those anthems and sings them from the stage embodies a testament to overcoming, one day at a time.

Feeling the songs and feeling strong for the future

Scott Stapp credits his family, his faith, and commitment to an overall lifestyle of health and stability for the vigor and enthusiasm he has through several months on the road. Before launching this tour, the singer-songwriter was out on a solo tour to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the release of Creed’s “My Own Prison” album. There was hardly time for a breath between unloading one tour bus and boarding another, but Stapp’s energy remains infectious.

It's a killer show,” he describes, attesting to the “big production” and booming power that rock fans recall from the Creed shows. His vocal resonance and interpretation have only deepened with the decades, echoing heartfelt appreciation for “how quickly life can turn around in an instant,” as the verse in “My Sacrifice” speaks.

Bands Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Trapt, Adelitas Way, As Thick as Thieves, and Interflate join the roster of acts for the shows, and Scott is not short of praise for his musical company. “It's a great lineup of rock bands,” says the frontman. Stapp is accompanied by the same talented band he has toured with for several years, including lead guitarist, Yiannis Papadopoulos, bassist Sammy Hudson, guitarist Ben Flanders, and drummer, Dango Cellan.

Plenty of praise and admiration fill Scott Stapp's words about his other hard rocking band, Art of Anarchy, as well. In between months of touring, he, Bumblefoot Thal of Guns N’ Roses, bassist John Moyer of Disturbed, and brothers Jon and Vince Votta on guitar and drums, calling them “all pros” and a major part of the reason that their collaboration resulted in the powerful and reflective songs that garnered high critical praise for “The Madness,” Art of Anarchy’s second album. Art of Anarchy toured briefly in support of the album, and Scott feels immensely grateful for the “positive influences” of the band on the road and in the studio. The spirit of unity only enhanced the “desire to write the best songs we could.” He talks about his excitement in the “fresh new direction” he feels, exclaiming “the band is just amazing.”

New directions and diaper duty

Scott Stapp and his family have transplanted themselves from their Florida roots to Tennessee.

The decision was five years in the making according to the musician but already has been fruitful. Scott and his wife, Jaclyn, will welcome a new son in November, and dad will be home to share the 2 AM feedings, baths, and diaper changes. “I love that role of being a dad,” he reflected when the couple announced the news.

With Arms Wide Open” became one of Creed’s trademark songs, literally created in minutes from the news that Scott Stapp was going to be a father the first time. Possibilities are endless for the inspiration that could come from welcoming another son for the papa at 44.

Life is good for Scott Stapp and his family. Months on the road can be traded for respite and baby-rocking.

Scott assures that “it'll be a rock record” of his next album, but he also is thriving off the rural countryside of his new home. This composer admits that “ideas that are pushing different expressions and directions” are stirring inside him. A baby’s laughter is the sweetest music of all.