According to TMZ, singer David Cassidy's condition has declined and he has been placed in ICU. The crooner was hospitalized on Wednesday (Nov. 15) and placed in a medically induced coma. It was later announced that his organs were shutting down. Reportedly, doctors have stated that a Kidney Transplant at this time is futile, and Cassidy's ex-wife and son have been called to his bedside. The singer, who came of age on the 1970's sitcom "The Partridge Family," is a beloved entertainer who has continued to have a loyal fan base more than four decades later.

David Cassidy is an icon

David Cassidy became an icon while starring in the ABC hit series "The Partridge Family" from 1970-1974. He developed a following of screaming teenage girls who all believed themselves to be in love with him. His then stepmother Shirley Jones portrayed his on-screen mom Shirley Partridge. The premise of the show was a mother of five who all performed together.

Cassidy's first and biggest hit was "I think I love you" and another fan favorite was "Cherish." Throughout the decades he continued to travel and perform until his health issues began taking a toll. Sadly, TMZ says the pop superstar arrived Wednesday at a Florida hospital in excruciating pain and his family was told to expect the worst.

Recent years not to kind to David Cassidy

In recent years, the popular singer has gone on record sharing his struggles with alcohol. TMZ reports that he incurred DUI's in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014. He also spent time in a rehab facility and upon achieving sobriety, Cassidy was quoted as saying if he took one more drink it could kill him.

He also admitted that his mother and grandfather both had dementia and he also was suffering from the disease.

During an interview with Dr. Phil, David Cassidy says he told his son to find a way to let him go so that he would not have to live with the ravages of the dreaded disease. Ironically, because of what medical personnel is saying in regard to his current condition, the star of "The "Partridge Family" in all likelihood will not have to.

With his family at his side and doctors indicating the end is near, things look pretty grim for the teen idol. However, it turns out the world will always have the memories of Keith Partridge and his singing family along with the decades of happiness that David Cassidy brought to loved ones and fans. He came of age during a time of romance, and innocence and for his contributions, the world is a better place.