Freedom and Michael Eubanks were too busy to watch the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, as Freedom was busy giving birth to their baby daughter. While they had planned to call their newborn Violet, this all changed and she ended up being dubbed with the name Eclipse in honor of the event.

Baby girl born on the day of the total solar eclipse

While everyone else was captivated by the eclipse event on Monday, the Eubanks were at the hospital, with Freedom bringing their new baby daughter into the world. While the eclipse happened for the first time in 99 years in the U.S.A., they were rather more excited about the birth.

They had planned for a long time to call their baby daughter Violet, but on the way to the hospital, Michael had joked they should call her Eclipse, after the other big event happening that day. He told WSPA-TV that he was trying to keep Freedom’s mind off the contractions and was sort of making a joke about naming her Eclipse. Freedom said even though he was joking at the time, she rather liked the idea.

Eclipse Alizebeth Eubanks was actually born seven hours prior to the event, at 8:04 a.m. at Greenville Memorial Hospital. However, the hospital was planning on giving special attention to all babies born on that day. They had already organized special solar eclipse onesies to be given to all Monday's babies to celebrate the event.

The Greenville Health system posted to their Facebook page to announce the arrival of Eclipse, who was born at 8.04 a.m. at Greenville Memorial Hospital. Their post went on to announce that Eclipse was 6 pounds 3 ounces on her arrival into the world and measured 19 inches in length, going on to say her parents had changed their mind about her name at the last minute to commemorate the total solar eclipse.

According to Eclipse’s proud parents, they expect the fact she was born during the total solar eclipse to be a theme in their daughter’s life on future birthdays. Michael said he believes her birth at that time should signify something. He added that once their daughter understands what an eclipse actually is, they will definitely make it a theme for her birthdays.

Greenville, NC baby born in Greenville, SC on total solar eclipse day

It turns out eight babies were born that day. Another interesting story relating to babies, the eclipse and the same hospital happened in Greenville, SC on Monday. A couple from Greenville, NC were traveling in the South Carolina version of their town when Cynthia Woodard unexpectedly went into labor a week early.

As reported by Fox Carolina, Cynthia and her husband Pastor Keith Woodard were planning for their baby boy to come into the world at a hospital in Greenville, NC, but when Keith went to a ministry assignment in Orangeburg Saturday, the family stayed with relatives in Simpsonville over the weekend.

While they were planning to return home Monday morning, their son had different ideas and Cynthia went into labor Sunday evening, giving birth to Zachary on Monday, the day of the total solar eclipse, at Greenville Memorial Hospital in Greenville, SC, where baby Eclipse was also born. After the birth, Keith went on to say that “God always has the last laugh.”