Scott Stapp and his wife, Jaclyn, have had a very busy 2017. The singer has devoted time and talents on two fronts. As the front man for Art of Anarchy, he co-wrote and recorded with the supergroup for their second album, released in March, and followed that up with a brief lunch tour on the East Coast.

This summer, the former Creed lead singer and lyricist went coast-to-coast across the U.S. on a solo tour to mark the 20th anniversary of “My Own Prison” with his most intimate concert offerings yet. On tour or at home, Scott Stapp is never without the constant support from his wife Jaclyn, their children, and extended family.

Now, the family takes the spotlight in the best way possible, with the announcement to People magazine yesterday that another baby is on the way.

Huge surprises can be the happiest

In a photo shoot that was purely heartfelt and homey to announce the news, the entire family took to the outdoors with instruments and happy smiles. “Coming Soon” was written across a drum and propped against a vintage baby carriage. The smiles from brother and sister, Daniel and Milan, almost 7 and 10, turned to beaming grins as both wore t-shirts to welcome their sibling. Jaclyn is a beaming mommy-to-be again, describing this unexpected addition to the brood as “a huge surprise, a blessing, and a miracle.” She adds that the surprise “fell into our lap.” Isn’t that the perfect kind of landing for any baby to have?

Jaclyn is a pro at managing the music life and normal routines and joys of family life in unison. No matter what is on the schedule, everyone works together so that special family times are never missed. Both parents devote themselves to keeping life in balance, and ensuring that the kids have the normal experiences and milestones along the way.

A wise and loving grandmother is always available, too, since Jaclyn’s mom, also a nurse, lives with the growing family. Aunts and an Uncle are willing and ready for duty not far away.

As far as daddy duties go, Scott Stapp is a seasoned veteran. He’s all set for “changing diapers, getting up at night,” and bath times with baby.

“I love that role of being a dad,” said the songwriter of “With Arms Wide Open,” a song inspiring his and countless millions of families. The son whose birth inspired that song, Jagger, is now 18.

Living inspiration

The Stapp family is in complete harmony in feeling that they are ready to share life with their beautiful new member of the family. There are a few things being kept secret. The name and sex of the baby will be part of a family “reveal party” celebration for chosen guests.

The summer will be filled with music for Scott Stapp and long-time fans. Later this month, he will be on a run with Art of Anarchy, followed by headlining dates for the Make America Rock Again Tour 2017 joining Trapt, Adelitas Way, Drowning Pool, and Sick Puppies, as well as guest performers.

Then, it will be time to stoke the home fires for the baby’s November due date.

Jaclyn will remain active with her CHARM Foundation, as well as other causes that strengthen families through education and fostering resilience. Her family has been a testament to courage and resilience through its resolve and unity through a difficult time in 2014, making this season of joyful anticipation all the more meaningful.

There is nothing like the miracle of a child to spark inspiration to any parent, much less a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and his family. With such gratitude and love already flowing for this baby that is such a blessing, music more beautiful than ever before is bound to come straight from the heart, and the pen, of Scott Stapp.