Jana Duggar, in my opinion, is by far one of the most interesting Duggar family members. She is now 27 years old and is still not married, unlike the majority of her other siblings. For example, Joy-Anna Duggar was married at only 20 years old and is already pregnant with her first child. Well, Jana has become even more interesting because recently she has broken some hearts with the family scrapbook that has just been posted online on their official website. To find out why Jana is breaking hearts, you can continue to read this article below. A report by Celeb Dirty Laundry presents some of the details below.

Why is Jana Duggar destroying some hearts?

Well, this is the part of the article that you clicked on so I won’t disappoint. Jana Duggar is breaking hearts because in the family scrapbook there are different types of fields for each family member. These fields include favorite "Bible" characters, quotes, family trips, and future plans. What makes this so sad, is that in Jana’s field for her future plans, she has left it completely blank. Her sisters Jill and Joy-Anna wrote in that field that they want to be mothers. By Jana leaving this part of the scrapbook blank, it has obviously left many fans worried. However, most fans think that she left that field blank because she wants to keep that information to herself.

For example, one fan wrote, “She may have plans, but is afraid to share.” While another fan commented “She was probably uncomfortable listing her lack of want for five million kids. Better nothing than worldly in that house.” As you can see the majority of Duggar fans believe that Jana is doing just fine and she just wants to keep her private life to herself.

Which is her own personal decision and as fans of the show, we should support her.

What is Jana Duggar doing now?

Many people are wondering what Jana Duggar is up to these days, as she remains very private as she doesn’t have any social media accounts. Recently, Jana has been rumored to have a boyfriend called Caleb Williams.

The reason this rumor even started in the first place, is because there was a family dinner in which Williams attended. Some fans believe this rumor because, as mentioned above, Jana is one of the only siblings that has not been married yet. Which obviously means some fans will want her to have a significant other, which is why she and Williams are being shopped as a couple. You can catch up with the Duggar family on their TLC family reality television show “Counting On.”