Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams of "The Bachelorette" seem to be the perfect couple. These two are getting along great and sharing photos on social networks. Sarah recently shared a shirtless picture and it ended up getting her slammed by an Instagram follower. Us Weekly shared that she actually didn't like what they had to say and responded to it.

What went down with Sarah?

The picture shows them both shirtless laying on the bed and she is holding a dog to cover her front. You can't see anything that isn't appropriate though. She simply said that this gave her two reasons to smile again and she seemed really happy in the picture.

So she got a message from someone and wasn't afraid to share it with the fans. She shared that the person said that Sarah can date whoever she wants, but that she should keep her sexual life private. The person didn't feel like what she posted was appropriate at all for her page. Sarah was just sharing with the world that she is happy and she doesn't seem to think anything that she did was wrong at all.

What did she say back to her?

Sarah Hyland couldn't hold back and had to respond to the person. She responded back saying that she wasn't putting the woman on blast, but she also didn't think there was anything wrong with posting a picture of them in bed together. It was a sweet pic to her. She then said, "So I just have to say I’m so sorry…FOR POSTING AN ADORABLE PICTURE BECAUSE CARL WAS ACTING LIKE THE NUGGETIEST SNUGGLE BUG!

Couldn’t let that moment pass without getting a picture.” She loves her new boyfriend and the dog both and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Sarah Hyland is happy. Wells Adams has been single for a long time and the fans are happy to see him able to find love once again.

Sarah Hyland actually introduced herself to Wells Adams over a social network.

These two dressed together for Halloween as people from the show "Stranger Things." At first, they said they weren't dating, but now it looks like they are admitting that they are a couple and are doing great with it all. They seem really happy together and if she wants to post half naked pictures on Instagram, who are we to judge her for it?

You don't have to follow her, but this person chose to.

She shared that in the past she has been private about relationships, but this time it is "special." It looks like Sarah may think she has found the one and they are cute together. She also pointed out the fact that you can't tell that she is naked.

Are you shocked to hear that Sarah Hyland replied to the woman who was hating on her? What do you think of Sarah and Wells together? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching Arie Luyendyk JR. when he starts airing as "The Bachelor" 2018 in January on ABC.