Nene Leakes is done being friends with Kim Zolciak and has reportedly threatened producers of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" that she will walk if her former pal returns.

The TV personality has been feuding with Kim on social media ever since Zolciak’s daughter, Brielle Biermann, had made allegations that Nene Leakes’ home was infested with bugs and cockroaches.

While Nene and Kim had a rather pleasant relationship with the current series of the franchise, things took a turn when the comments were made and Kim seemingly chose to side with her daughter.

Leakes ready to leave over drama

Leakes thinks the whole situation was uncalled for and absurd, particularly because Brielle and Kim have supposedly continued to attack Nene Leakes well after the incident took place.

It goes without saying that the 49-year-old triggered Kim Zolciak to respond after saying that Brielle probably attracted whatever roaches she saw at the reality star’s home, going on to slam the teen for trying to be the next Kylie Jenner, but that’s far from the point.

Nene Leakes feels she was wrongfully attacked and the drama that it has caused has completely drained her from even being interested to take part in any further scenes with Kim Zolciak in the future.

She’s already said to be dreading the forthcoming reunion, which Nene says will be the last time she lays eyes on her former friend.

Producers of the show, according to Champagne and Shade, which cites In Touch as their source for the story, aren’t happy to hear that Nene Leakes is planning to walk from the franchise if Kim returns because they know that these women are the biggest entertainment on the show.

Producers unwilling to end Nene's contract

Though reps for Nene Leakes haven’t confirmed or denied reports that Nene is threatening producers to quit "Real Housewives," sources say that the mother-of-one sees no reason why she should put up with insults of that sort.

With the many businesses she has running, the stress of putting herself in a toxic environment where she finds herself doing nothing other than argue and bicker with women she doesn’t like has become a tiring process for Nene Leakes.

It’s believed that producers will try and reel Nene back in before contracts are signed for the 11th season of the show, but fans will have to wait and see the outcome, especially if Kim Zolciak is back.

Nene Leakes, being the controversial Cast Member that she is, has never shied away from the supposed fact that she has multiple jobs outside of "Real Housewives," insinuating that she may not need to be on the show anymore.