Ryan Edwards and the cast of "Teen Mom OG" returned to MTV last night (Nov. 27) in the premiere episode of Season 7 and during the show, his drug use was extensively covered. As fans will recall, the sixth season of the reality show came to a close earlier this year with Edwards entering rehab after he nearly nodded out as he drove himself and Mackenzie Standifer to their May wedding ceremony. However, they hadn't heard much else about the reality star until last night, when his wife shockingly accused his former girlfriend, Maci Bookout, of triggering his desire to use drugs.

On the show, as Mackenzie Standifer was seen visiting her husband in a treatment facility, she shockingly revealed that Ryan Edwards had been using drugs three times a day and spent a whopping $10,000 on his potentially deadly habit. “They say relapse is part of recovery,” Standifer said during the episode, according to a report by Radar Online on November 28. “I had to tell him I love him and I’m not mad, but he needs to know how bad that hurts.” Then, after a therapist asked her what had been triggering Edwards to use drugs, she proclaimed that it was Bookout who was leading to Edwards' bad decisions.

How was Maci Bookout allegedly promoting Ryan Edwards' drug use?

“[Ryan Edwards] feels belittled,” Mackenzie Standifer said.

According to Standifer, Edwards never gets any credit for anything and he isn't the bad guy that he has been frequently painted to be on "Teen Mom OG." She went on to claim that Maci Bookout was allegedly belittling Edwards for herself and said she was really upset about Bookout's behavior.

Did Maci Bookout talk to Ryan Edwards during his stint in rehab?

During another scene from the "Teen Mom OG" Season 7 premiere episode, Maci Bookout was seen discussing Ryan Edwards' decision to enter rehab, saying that she was unsure if her former boyfriend, the father of her son Bentley, would be staying in treatment for 30 days and coming home or continuing his care in a half-way house after rehab.

She also made it clear that she didn't believe 30 days would be enough to fix his issues and said that if Edwards couldn't stay sober, they would be "done."

“We’re talking about my child’s life,” she added.

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