Just like every other episode of Season 8, the latest installment of "The Walking Dead" titled "The king, the Widow, and Rick" featured some Easter Eggs and callbacks to previous seasons. But before delving into the tiny details, let's discuss everything that happened in the episode.

A quick recap

Michonne and Rosita found out that there's yet another Saviors' outpost (like we didn't have enough of these already). But this storyline turned out to be far more interesting than we originally thought as they had to fight two Saviors. While Rosita blew one up, the other one managed to escape in a vehicle with speakers attached to it.

This could cause some serious trouble because the music from the speakers could draw the walkers away from the Sanctuary and set Negan free. Fortunately, Daryl arrived just in time with a garbage truck to blow up Negan's chances.

Over at the Hilltop, Maggie decided to put the surviving Saviors in prison, just in case anything goes wrong. Then, the most satisfying moment of the episode happened when she put Gregory in the same prison. As far as the rest of the episode is concerned, we saw Carol trying to pull Ezekiel out of depression and Carl, who was almost killed by walkers while he was heading back to Alexandria, with his new friend Siddiq.

The episode also marked the return of the Scavengers as Rick was trying to convince them to join his cause.

He even showed them the polaroids as proof that his group now has the upper hand over Negan and the Saviors. But despite all the effort, he got captured anyway.

The letter 'A'

While the episode featured a lot of details we've already seen before, there were only two significant ones. The first one happened when Jadis wrote the letter "A" on a container where she is holding Rick hostage.

This wasn't the only time that we saw this letter in the show. First, it was in a railroad car where Rick and his group was held by the cannibals at Terminus. Then, it was also seen on stamps at Alexandria's welcoming party. Last, but not least, the letter was on Daryl's shirt back in Season 7 where he was Negan's prisoner.

A heartbreaking meaning behind Carol's words

The second significant callback happened when Carol told Henry what happens to kids when they go wandering around in the woods. "They never get seen again, and if they do, they are monsters," Carol said to the young Kingdommer with a sad tone in her voice. Even though it sounded like something you'd say to keep a kid safe in the zombie apocalypse, these words were much more significant given the fact that they were coming from Carol. If you remember, that's exactly what happened to her daughter Sophia. She got lost in the woods back in Season 2, only to be found as a walker on Hershel's farm in one of the most heart-breaking scenes of the entire series.