It’s the 2nd episode of "The Walking Dead" season 8 and we’re starting with close-ups of various characters, including one of Ezekiel and Carol in the smoke of the grenade.

At an outpost, guns are being put together and a woman speaks on her walkie-talkie but is getting a response from one out of three. An armored vehicle rushes in. Meanwhile, Tara, Morgan, Jesus, Diane and some others are staking out another outpost. In the parking lot, where we left the Kingdommers, there is shouting, Carol, and Ezekiel rise in the smoke.

Let’s split up

It’s hard to see the walkers coming at them.

Jerry tells them to protect the king and Ezekiel tells them to protect themselves. The smoke and walkers clear and everyone has survived. They have to catch the Savior before he alerts the others of their presence.

At the outpost, some of our residents are caught in a gun battle, including Aaron and Eric. Two Savior guards are shot at another outpost and Rick and Daryl and some others go in. At a third outpost, Morgan is going to be a distraction. One of the guys asks if he’s sure he wants to do it alone, he responds “I don’t die.” He draws the attention of walkers to the gate and the others go. Morgan, Tara, Jesus, and Diane go in and snipe some Saviors, then other residents follow them.

Eric moves along, trying to get closer.

'I don’t die'

Morgan’s group anxiously waits and the door they’ve been waiting at finally opens. They shoot the guy, more come behind him. The three in front, including Morgan, are shot and fall.

Tara and Jesus find a Savior “prisoner”, Dean, and Tara wants to kill him but is interrupted by gunfire. Tara wants revenge for her girlfriend, Denise, too, but Jesus is talking her out of it.

There is more gunfire distraction and Dean captures and holds a gun to Jesus. Jesus gets himself free and knocks Dean out and ties him up. The group leaves, passing Morgan. Morgan gets up to see the other two died.

Good planning

At the outpost with Aaron, the Saviors realize the group isn’t closing in on them because the dead Saviors that weren't hit in the head will reanimate and take them out from the inside.

Meanwhile, the Kingdommers are searching in the woods and Jerry places an orange golf ball on the ground. Carol asks why Ezekiel keeps smiling, despite the situation. “Fake it to you make it, Baby.”

Morgan walks through the hall, killing the Saviors, experiencing flashbacks about what has been said during the time of the apocalypse.

Why, Jesus?

Jesus’s group comes upon a Savior garage. One Savior opens it, he surrenders and tells the others they are surrounded, those Saviors come out and put their guns down too. “It’s okay. We can do it your way because even if Maggie listens to you, Rick will listen to me.” Tara says referring to Jesus earlier saying that he’ll talk to Maggie about not killing everyone.

Morgan sees light and it’s Jesus’s group. “We can’t leave them alive.” he hears Rick say in a flashback. He goes up to one of the saviors, Jared, who killed a young Kingdommer named Ben and is about to shoot him until Jesus stops him. “They surrendered, it’s not what we do.”


Rick is attacked and chokes the guy, who tells him there are no guns. He walks into the room that the man said had no guns and he was being honest, there are none. Instead, there is a baby named Gracie, alive and in her crib. Carol and the others are hot on the Savior’s trail. They see him and Ezekiel stops them from killing him. Shiva jumps out and attacks him. The Saviors know they are coming. Some of our residents are being shot.

Francine is down and Tobin takes a bullet. Aaron goes to Eric and he says he’s fine, but soon Eric starts bleeding profusely from his abdomen.

Someone comes up behind Rick with a gun. He turns and it’s Morales, from the original Atlanta group.

We leave on various close-ups of our resident's faces., but Ezekiel has a big grin.