On Sunday morning a shooter walked into a church in a small town in Texas and opened fire. The results were the worse mass shooting in the state's history, and reaction from around the country came quick.

Texas mass shooting

It appeared to be just another Sunday in the small Texas town of Sutherland Springs as the local First Baptist Church held their morning services. The congregation was small, about 50 of the town's population of 1,000 were part of the church when gun shots were fired. Over the course of the next few minutes, at least 26 people were killed, with dozens being reported injured.

After fleeing the scene, the shooter was then shot and killed, though no confirmation has been released as to whether or not it was a self-inflicted wound. Since then, the shooter has been identified as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley of New Braunfels, Texas, just outside San Antonio. According to Newsweek, Kelley graduated high school in 2009 before taking on a job teaching Bible school. Not long after he joined the United States Air Force before being dishonorably discharged and court-marshaled in 2013. The most updated account from law enforcement note that the victims range from as young as five, to as old as 72 year of age. As of press time, no known motive has been released. In response to the shooting, Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans were quick to offer their routine "thoughts and prayers," which didn't go over well with Hollywood celebrities, as seen across Twitter on November 5.

On his Twitter feed, Donald Trump wrote "May God be with the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas." Paul Ryan tweeted similar sediments, writing, "The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now." Over on the offical Twitter account of the National Riffle Association, which often receives heavy criticism following a mass shooting, no posts have been sent out.

Hollywood reacts

Responding to Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and the NRA, celebrities in Hollywood wasted no time speaking out in opposition.

"When will this madness end? How many more innocent people must die?" actress Alyssa Milano tweeted out.

"When we will end the NRA strangle hold on congress," actress Rosie O'Donnell posted. Reacting to the aforementioned tweet from Paul Ryan, actor George Takei replied, "Kindly STFU, you hypocrite."

"How many more have to die before we enact sane gun control laws?" legendary author Stephen King tweeted out.

In a follow-up tweet, King added, "Enough with the praying'. Time to start legislating." "Where's the next mass shooting gonna be? Any guesses? Should we try to do anything we can to prevent it? No? OK cool. Good luck out there!" actor Billy Eichner wrote.

Comedian Chelsea Handler didn't hold back with a pair of tweets of her own, first targeting the entire Republican Party before moving on to single out Donald Trump.

"Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God, and while doing so, get shot in killed," she wrote, before adding, "What country? America. Why? Republicans." In her second tweet, Handler wrote, "You have no capacity to monitor anything that doesn't involve lining your pockets."