Ezekiel walks into a room and is seen getting ready for the war. We watch Kingdommers say their goodbyes to their families. “Fear not, young master Henry. You will be brave because you are brave." King Ezekiel gives yet another speech. “And yet, I smile.”

No smiles here

The field is covered in bodies, organs and loose limbs. Ezekiel emerges from the pile of bodies on him and cries over his slaughtered army. He’s the only non-undead creature in the field. The Kindgdommers begin to reanimate as he crawls back from them. He can’t walk because his ankle is injured and he has no ammo.

A surviving Kingdommer, Alvaro, appears and helps him limp off with Ezekiel’s cane.

Inside, Carol is sneaking around. She hides in the ceiling and shoots down several Saviors carrying a case of guns.

Ezekiel asks about Shiva, but Alvaro hasn’t seen her since the attack. Alvaro gets shot by a Savior named Gunther and he holds a gun to Ezekiel’s head and they head for The Sanctuary. He falls after a while of walking and refuses to get up, says he won’t be used against his people. “Those sheep you rooked into thinking you’re a king?” Gunther continues bringing him to the base while talking about how his people did so much for their king and followed their king and still do so even as walkers.

More Saviors have come and taken the case of guns that Carol left.

She follows them out and shoots at them while they load a truck and ducks behind another truck when they shoot at her.

Ezekiel takes the blade of his cane back from Gunther and slices the Savior’s stomach, then gets knocked to the ground. Gunther places blood on his face in a pattern asserting dominance in the situation. They move along but run into a chained up gate where Gunther knocks Ezekiel to the ground again, prepared to kill him and climb the fence on his own, then Jerry comes up and slices him in half with his ax.

Carol tries to bargain and says she can tell him where the others are.

Be the person you want to be

Jerry dual-wields an ax and sword to kill some walkers and hands Ezekiel's sword back. “Your Majesty.” Ezekiel says he doesn’t need to call him that. “Dude, yes, I do.”

Carol takes the man hostage when he gets close enough, but the Saviors just shoot him and she ducks behind the truck.

Jerry can’t cut through the chains and the ax head comes off. They stand there and kill the walkers as they come to them.

Walkers come through a gate that Carol opened and she takes advantage and shoots the Saviors and they hide behind the vehicle, but she sees Jerry and Ezekiel.

There is a flashback. Carol and Ezekiel are walking. She asks if he’s ever fought before this and he says he has, a marauder and the dead, but he’s been training for years now. He has become who he needed to become. He retells how he saved Shiva. He considered not saving her but wanted to be the person who would leap into the cage. He made the decision to be who he is and asks Carol if she did as well. She says yes, “But life decided some things too.”

Back in the present, Carol shoots the walkers at the gate and the truck drives off.

She unlocks the chain and Jerry and Ezekiel come in. A motorcycle is heard. The truck passes by, then Daryl comes up behind it with Rick behind him. The Saviors pull out a machine gun and Daryl and his bike swerve off the road. Rick keeps chase and Daryl gets back up and shoots the gunman. Rick catches up, hops in the Savior truck and kills the Savior and the truck goes off the road and down a small hill. Rick climbs up and says “Hey.” Daryl tells him he looks "like s**t.”

I am not your king

Ezekiel falls. “This ain’t gonna work.” Carol and Jerry pick him up and help him walk. They get to a ditch full of walkers and despite his protests, help Ezekiel across. He stops them to kill walkers. “You're my king!” Ezekiel argues and says the walkers, they are what’s real.

He calls himself nothing. Shiva comes and attacks the walkers, but is eaten. Ezekiel is distraught, but they must move on. They get to The Kingdom and everyone comes out to see them. Henry walks up to Ezekiel. Ezekiel just puts his hand on the boy’s shoulder and he walks off.

Unfortunately, we still have not heard from Negan or Gabriel, so that situation remains unknown.