On Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Billy Abbott proved himself to be a hero. He received a call from his stepson who announced that he was trapped in a fire at The Underground with the Ashby twins. Billy races over and makes his way into the building before the firefighters. He kicks in the door and helps Charlie, Mattie, and Reed to safety, and says he will follow. When the teens get outside Cane asks them which firefighter saved their life, and they say it was his stepbrother. Just as they realize Billy is still inside the burning building, it explodes.

Spoiler alerts, however, have reported that Mr. Abbott's life will be spared.

Billy proves himself a hero

Billy Abbott has always been considered the black sheep of his family. He has dealt with alcoholism, addiction to gambling, and had an affair with Phylis while she was married to Jack. Along with issues related to Jabot, this has caused intense animosity between the siblings. He and Cane have a turbulent relationship and it has only grown worse since Victoria fired Mr. Ashby from Brash and Sassy. Now that Billy has saved the lives of Charlie, Mattie and Victoria's son, his brother and stepbrother, along with everyone else in Genoa City, will consider him a hero.

Jack considers his younger brother a menace to society and Cane says he is a spoiled mamas boy.

On Thursday, however, the youngest son of John Abbott helped the teens make it safely out of the fire with no thought of is own life, and now he himself is trapped inside. Once he is rescued everyone who thought so harshly of Billy will see him in a new light. He is responsible for saving Victor Newman's grandson, and Jill's grandchildren, and this will change his status with everyone in town.

There may be someone else in the fire

The three teenagers who were trapped in the building have now made it out safely, and spoilers indicate that the youngest Abbott will not die. Spoilers have, however, suggested that someone may lose their life in the fire but gave no indication of who it may be. A preview of Friday's episode shows Billy screaming and it sounds like he is saying "Graham." Viewers know that Dina wandered into The Underground and accidentally started the fire.

Her former companion is supposed to be in Florida, but perhaps he returned to Genoa City and followed her to Nick's club and was trapped inside. Make sure you don't miss Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" to find out how Billy makes it out of the burning building and if indeed someone else loses their life in the explosion.