The Weeknd and Justin Bieber certainly are not big fans of each other, especially with the current drama that they have going on between the two of them. Selena Gomez seems to be the latest issue between the two of them, with Gomez seemingly ready to get back with Bieber after breaking up with The Weeknd.

A report by Us Weekly stated that The Weeknd was not happy about Bieber's intentions and had an idea that Gomez would end up leaving him for her former love interest at some point.

Selena Gomez reunited with Justin Bieber

Everything has happened so quickly with Selena Gomez.

Just a few short weeks ago it appeared that her love life with The Weeknd couldn't be going any stronger. Now, they are done and she is considering getting back together with Bieber?

No one can deny that Bieber and Gomez made an excellent couple. They were one of the hottest celebrity couples in the world and their fans loved them together. Both of them tried to move on with others following their split, but rumors never stopped coming out that neither one could truly get over the other.

Many thought that The Weeknd had helped Gomez get over Bieber, but apparently, that is not the case.

Many different photographs have been surfacing of Bieber and Gomez hanging out in recent days. It appears that the two are just friends as of right now, but that alone is a huge step from where their relationship has been.

The Weeknd split was sudden

It appears that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd will remain friends, even with their breakup. They have no ill feelings towards each other, which is good news for their fans. The same cannot be said for The Weeknd and Bieber, as there is no friendship to salvage.

Over the past few months, reports have stated that Gomez and The Weeknd became distant and hardly saw each other.

Both parties knew that a breakup was in the future and it hasn't been an ugly breakup at all because of that.

Now, the focus will switch to Bieber and Gomez. Will the former heartthrob couple end up getting back together? Is Bieber a changed man that will stay loyal to Gomez and make things work?

Bieber has been going through many different life changes in recent months.

He has been focusing more on his relationship with God and in the church, while also cutting out bad influences from his inner circle.

Gomez has gone through some issues herself, having to come face-to-face with her depression and other issues. She has battled them and won and appears to be doing better than ever.

Don't be surprised if Gomez and Bieber end up being confirmed as a couple in the near future. They certainly seem good together and hopefully, their relationship this time around will last, unlike in past attempts.

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