Few people have weighed over a quarter-ton and fewer still have lost that much. Angelika Pacheco--aka Laura Perez of TLC "My 600-lb Life"--has done both and with serious illness to boot. After bariatric surgery and tons of hard work, Angelika is boasting a nearly 500-lb weight loss. The Reality TV celebrity showed off her new 80 percent leaner self in Facebook pictures for Halloween. You'll be amazed at Ms. Pacheco's shocking transformation.

Laura Perez: from poster child to cover girl

Like Mama June Shannon of "Honey Boo Boo" fame, the "My 600-lb Life" celebrity underwent gastric bypass surgery.

Prior to weight loss, Laura Perez was the face on the reality television show promo poster. Her "before" body was used to illustrate shocking weight gain. But Angelika's "after" pictures are the real eye-opener. They advertise what show Dr. Younan Nowzaradan can do with bariatric surgery and how folks can transform morbid obesity into supermodel glamour.

TLC patient drops 4/5 of body sans plastic surgery

Angelika has shed around 500 pounds which is roughly 4/5 of herself. Her makeover is stunning but so is the fact that aside from gastric bypass, she's had no plastic surgery procedure done. TLC "My 600-lb Life" patients may earn skin removal surgery after big weight loss. This is a sort of full-body tummy tuck to get rid of loose skin.

Pacheco can't have that procedure due to a chronic illness. All her slimming and toning seems to have come from Dr. Now's ministrations plus good old diet and exercise.

Morbidly obese woman rocks 'hot' Halloween costume after hiding in shame

A common struggle for "My 600-lb Life" celebrities is fat-shaming. Many have shared hurt over stares and jeers.

Then there's the auto-body-shaming: many not only can't go out in public but won't. They express humiliation over their plus-sized bodies. But since losing excess weight, Angelika Pacheco is happy to share pictures of herself on Facebook, including a batch in which she sports a cute Halloween costume.

Laura Perez: from jeers to cheers

They say "she who laughs last, laughs best." Those obesity shamers aren't jeering now but a lot of people are cheering the TLC "My 600-lb Life" star. They're praising her weight loss success and calling the reality show star "pretty" and "hot." There is some debate over the safety of bariatric surgery to heal crippling obesity. There's no denying, however, that TLC patients who cried in frustration at being unable to lose weight, are now beaming with pride after doing so.