On Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Dina displayed yet another characteristic of her changing behavior. Since she had the stroke, and Graham is no longer looking out for her, Ms. Mergeron is getting out of control. Her moods are swinging and she is saying really hateful things to those around her. She was eating in a restaurant and Abby observed her stealing packets of sugar and putting them in her pocketbook. Later she put the silverware in her purse and then told the waiter to bring her more. It seems that now on top of everything else the grand dame of Genoa City has become a kleptomaniac.

Dina's changing behavior is becoming noticeable

Last week, while Jack was looking the other way, his mother came down the stairs of the Abbot home and walked to Nick's club The Underground. Nick left a flame in a Jack-O-Lantern and Dina used it to burn a picture of Brent Davis. As she was walking away, she knocked over a glass of alcohol and she accidentally caused a fire. Ms. Mergeron walked back home and went upstairs without her son even realizing she had left the house.

The next day, Jack found out his mother had tried to raise prices with Jabot distributors by putting pressure on them. She also had some really spiteful words for Nikki regarding her days as a stripper. Her children probably think her range of emotions is a result of the mini-stroke, but Dina's behavior has been noticeably different and she has been in a state of decline ever since she came back to town.

The night of Nikki's concert, she became confused and believed she had been left without a way home, and several times she woke up disoriented when Graham was not with her.

Ms. Mergeron becoming a kleptomaniac will cause a lot of problems

Now that her behavior includes stealing, there will be a lot of problems because of Dina.

She may be caught and arrested and her family will have to bail her out of jail. She could begin to pilfer things around the Abbott home because she took a record that belonged to Jack when she went to The Underground, but she did return it to its place. Ms. Mergeron's actions will trouble her entire family, especially her daughter Abby who is just getting to know her.

Being diagnosed as a kleptomaniac is going to be hard for everyone.

Marla Adams is doing an excellent job as the mother of the Abbott children and displaying a wide range of acting abilities. Unfortunately, if her character is determined to have dementia, there will be no cure and eventually may lead to death. Dina is growing on fans of "The Young and the Restless" so perhaps, the new head writer may have her diagnosed with something different, the same way he changed the reason for Victoria Newman's symptoms.