On "General Hospital" Nelle never seems to learn from her mistakes and keeps trying to hurt people. After Michael dumped her and Nina fired her, she should have done some deep reflection. Instead, Ms. Hayes decided to seek revenge. She overheard a conversation and figured out that Amy and not Nathan is the real "Ask Man Landers." She sold the information to a tabloid in the hopes of causing Nina and Maxie to lose their jobs, but her scheme backfired. Instead of a backlash, the public was supportive, and book sales increased thanks to Chet.

Nelle's decides to hurt Nina and Maxie

Nelle showed Nina a picture of Valentin with Cassandra and was immediately fired for being an opportunist. She later was listening to Amy and Nathan talking and figured out that Amy was the one who was writing the Ask Man Landers column. She took the story to a tabloid where she and one of the employees discussed how Nathan, Maxie, and Nina were all in cahoots and keeping the Man Landers secret all in the family.

They thought the public would be outraged at the deception and "Crimson" would take a financial hit, thus ruining the reputation of Nina and Maxie for perpetuating the fraud. When the story broke, the publisher showed up at Maxie's apartment very angry and rightfully so.

She did not like being deceived and threatened a lawsuit. It seemed like everything was falling apart when the tide shifted.

The truth set everyone free except Nelle

Nathan and Amy went live on the Internet and began explaining why they deceived the public regarding the identity of Man Landers. Chet then told his story of being a wounded warrior and how his sister was looking out for him.

The publisher who was headed out the door stopped and told everyone in the room that the public was sympathetic to the war veteran and book sales were increasing. Nelle's plan got the truth in the open and made things better.

Nelle believes that she has destroyed the two women who caused her to be unemployed. When she finds out that she actually increased profits for Nina and Maxie, Michael's girlfriend will hit the roof.

She has tried to destroy the relationships of Sonny and Carly as well as Nina and Valentin, but her efforts have been in vain. Now she has been unsuccessful yet again in an attempt to cause problems for others. More than likely she still will not have learned her lesson so stay tuned to "General Hospital" to find out what happens next.